Patricia Berlin, J.D. Legal Services Offer Precise Divorce Litigation

If you are dealing with family legal issues such as divorce, you need effective legal services from an excellent family law attorney. Patricia Berlin is a premier family law attorney. Her office is located in Stratford, Connecticut at 3288 Main Street, Stratford CT 06614. She handles all aspects of family law for divorce and dispute cases.

You may feel in over your head with all the legal issues involved in divorce in connecticut. By contacting Patricia’s offices ( at 203-378-3766 or by email at, you can be well relieved of the burden. The friendly staff will help you understand your situation and direct you toward getting started with any process which must proceed.

Patricia is a seasoned and experienced expert attorney with a high success rate and offers an immense variety of family law services. If all you need is a consultation, it will be provided. If you need to proceed, Patricia and her staff will work 100% for you on issues of child custody, child support, property division and division of other assets, collaborative efforts if preferred, and other issues such as alimony and visitation rights.

The bottom line is this is something you cannot do on your own. Highly qualified in real estate matters, wills, as well as probate, Patricia and her team can arbitrate with any situation. On the website, you can find more information on comprehensive services including General Family Law, Dissolution, Divorce, Child Support, Modifications, Legal Separation, Paternity, Wills, Child Custody, Alimony, and Probate.

You can clearly see that help with divorce in connecticut can be handled by a highly skilled legal professional with Patricia Berlin, J.D. Legal Services. Offering you 32 years of experience, you cannot go wrong because this is the passion in her life which drives a powerfully successful legal practice to the pinnacle of services you could possibly choose in the Connecticut areas.

Should you have any questions at all, contact the office and if someone cannot help you right away, they will get back to you rapidly and begin offering solutions as you explain your situation. This will lead you to the next step which would be an in-office consultation and, if you wish to proceed with a legal separation first, this is wise and can be professionally handled even outside of court if you are willing to take a collaborative approach.

Remember, when you have children involved, this is a tricky situation and the Law offices of Patricia Berlin offer services to cover every angle of this issue. They can introduce you to other options than divorce for the sake of the children. Your needs and issues are strongly considered and respected while you get premium legal services set to your standards and executed by one of the best family law attorneys in the State. She is a member of the Connecticut Council for Non Adversarial, the American Bar Association, Connecticut Bar Association, Greater Bridgeport Bar Association, Vice Chairperson of Zoning Board of Appeals, and a Member Easton, Connecticut Fire District #1. Take advantage of premium family law services here.

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