New Bestseller, Shortcuts Get You Lost! Divulges How To Achieve World-Class Success!



SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, November 7, 2016 — “What is it about certain leaders that allow them to be successful no matter what circumstance or situation they find themselves in? In the new bestseller, Shortcuts Get You Lost! A Leadership Fable of the Dangers of the Blind Leading the Blind, Mark Villareal delves into this question on business managers and leaders and shares key answers that he has unearthed.

With his business experiences spanning several industries and multiple decades, Villareal’s ability to clearly and succinctly explain the art of leadership gives readers an inside look of the crucial nature of expectations, definitions and crisp execution.

In this book, readers will learn the key discussion points that motivate frontline team members; how to engage employees in productive, problem-solving dialogue; and the importance of illustrations and stories in shaping the culture of a business. His illustrations often leverage sports analogies; however, his ideas and viewpoints transcend every border and unlock the keys to success in any meaningful endeavor.

Leadership starts at the top but driven throughout with the solid foundations of values and principles. Great leaders understand that humility is a strength – not a weakness – and employees appreciate and follow true leadership. Shortcuts Get You Lost! demonstrates great culture-building exercises, key problem-solving techniques, and the importance of vision and storytelling when training and developing present and future leaders of tomorrow.

“This book will enable and empower your team to scale to new heights and achieve world-class success. Read it today and reference it for a lifetime!” ~ Keith Martino, President of College Market Institute and Author of Get Results, Get Results Now.

Mark Villareal has a passion for developing people in a manner that helps them achieve their goals. Villareal has been helping business leaders succeed for 35 years. Early in his career, he realized that the more he focused on others’ success, the more his career blossomed as well. It is with a servant’s heart that Villareal has helped employees and managers reach their next level of success.

Villareal has had the innate ability to quickly identify high-potential individuals. He mentors them via personal instruction; professional development plans, and focused coaching. He has assisted in developing consultative sales executives, managers, and business leaders. Mark Villareal has a passion for leadership development and has a hunger for continued growth and development. He believes strong leaders pay it forward. Mark Villareal is available for interviews.

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