Fighting Medical and Legal Malpractice in Arkansas with Ease

Little Rock, AR – Anybody who has a legal or medical malpractice case on their hands, knows just how difficult it can be to find a quality attorney to handle the job. Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC has come up with a solution for all your mediation and arbitration needs. They have been providing arbitration and mediation services since 1992 and has helped to create a team that is focused on the client. Clients are no longer forced to handle their complicated cases alone with this experienced team by their sides.

Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC ( is  a team of mediators that are committed to settling all disputes regardless of the type of case. They provide a laid-back and comfortable setting to make it easier on the client. The services that they provide save the client a great deal of time and money while eliminating a great deal of the stress that comes with any legal or medical malpractice case.

Having a mediation service handle your case will help the clients remain focused on the task at hand without becoming overwhelmed with the details. Clients tend to want to focus on coming up with a resolution without fully understanding the consequence of each action that is taken. The mediation process has three phases and can be laid out and followed with the help of a mediator or arbitrator with the proper amount of skills. Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC have just the right amount of skill to make legal and medical malpractices cases much easier to organize and conclude.

Medical and Legal MalpracticeAbout Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC

Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC ( was founded by Frank Hamlin in 1992. He and his expert team have been providing mediation and arbitration for divorces and other civil mediation issues and cases. They have offices in Little Rock, Arkansas as well as Memphis, Tennessee with a wide range of accommodations to suit any case or client. Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC makes it easy for the parties to request arbitration or mediation services via their website. This organization understands the three processes of mediation which are: introductory, problem solving, and closure, which makes each process thorough and easy to flow through. They set the standard and provide results for anyone who needs these services, regardless of the size of the problem needing to be solved.

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