Create beautiful sketches of your photos with ease.

Sketch Master by Dumpling Sandwich is a free photography app created specially to transform your photographs into detailed and intricate sketches. Featuring a very simplistic graphic user interface, Sketch Master stands out of all the typical photography apps. Its simple design makes it a user-friendly app; even little kids can use it with ease. This is a must have for every photography and drawing enthusiast.

The app’s interface is very simple and has all the necessary features of photography to sketch apps without excessive bells and whistles. You can convert your photographs without any fuss in no time. What makes this app versatile is that you can convert pre-clicked pictures from your Gallery, as well as capture one from the camera to convert into sketches. Both options are easy to use. The app is available on Android as well as iOS platforms so you can use it on any android 4.1 and later device as well as on iPhone and iPad. What’s more, the app is available for free on both the stores.

The app is small and does not take a lot of space, yet it is a powerful program. The converted sketches are crisp and of high quality. The app has various features through which you can convert your photos into different types of sketches. These include finely contoured sketches, cross hatching effect sketch, half tone sketch, doodle style sketch etc.

The sketches are available in black and white as well as colour so that you can let your creative juices flow without any restrictions. The app also features a built in basic photo editor which can be used for adjusting brightness, saturation etc. It also has common filters that you can apply to your photo to make it even more artistic.

The app comes with a built in drawing option as well so that you can make doodles on your photographs. When you are satisfied with your creation you can either save it to the gallery or can share it on all the popular social networking apps such as Twitter, Facebook etc. right from Sketch Master itself by single touch of a button.  This feature can be used to share images via Bluetooth and email as well.

The converted images turn out to be crystal clear and without any pixelization so that you can print out blown up copies to decorate your house. Share your photographs on Instagram or Facebook to showcase your skills – your followers will love it! Download this app to enjoy a free artistic experience and create masterpieces with ease.

Available for:  Android & iOS

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Category: Photo & Video

Price:  FREE

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