Airwheel Intelligent electric scooters to take part in 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show

International Consumer Electronics Show is one of the most famous trade shows intended for the electronics and communications products. Each year, a great many firms in the sector of electronics and communications swarm into the trade show hall of International Consumer Electronics Show.

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This show is customary to take place in January annually. It is late December, which shows that 2017 CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) comes around. Since Airwheel participated in it last year and gained an expected result, it set out to head for USA for the show this time once again. It is expected that numerous new products of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters will make their public in the American show.

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Every year, International Consumer Electronics Show is home to thousands of exhibitors from the sector of electronics and communications. All of them long to display their new products and make for a brilliant publicity worldwide. During this show, a host of forms successfully find co-operative opportunity and potential business. Airwheel brought its two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter and single-wheeled scooters to this show last year, which arrested the attention of audiences. Though another years’ development, it is believed that Airwheel will make another big splash in the trade show by means of its new products.

This year, Airwheel developed its E-series and R-series. It seems that Airwheel is on the path to e-bike. Its new products such as smart electric folding bike E3 have gaining widespread currency at home and abroad. It is not merely the favourite of the young but also the old. Many young white-collars ride it to work and home. It serves as a means to work out and a vehicle to work and home. Riding Airwheel E3 helps the rider save time that goes on doing exercises and keep shape. In forthcoming trade show, it will appear in Airwheel’s booth. It is worth expecting. Its booth will stand on Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, Booth NO. 45730.

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