Airwheel Smart 2 wheels self balancing scooter S8 to attend 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) comes around in days and it is scheduled to take place 5 to 8 Jan. 2017, which aims to offer a golden opportunity to exhibit the new products and new achievements of the producers of electronics and communication. As a worldwide famous trade show for the electronics manufacturers, CES is always attracting numerous exhibitors and visitors, a host of electronics and communication firms are expected to swarm into it. Airwheel is no exception. Airwheel strikes customers as an accomplished company, which specialises in the electronics self-balancing scooters. It is set to head for USA to take part in 2017 CES.

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It is still clearly remembered that Airwheel took part in CES last year. However, compared to last year, Airwheel developed a great many new products, for example S-series, R-series and E-series. The richer selection of products will offer more confidence and charm to Airwheel. For forthcoming 2017 CES, Airwheel is said to bring all of new products developed this year to the show. For those who are loyal to Airwheel or electronic scooter-lovers, it will be an eye-opener worth paying a visit. The booth of Airwheel booth will be situated NO. 45730, Sands Fitness Hall.

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In the first half year, Airwheel pushed out its excellent member of S-series, i.e. the two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter S8. S8 inherits the fashionable design and style. The contoured figure and stylish tone of colour never fail to allure the young. Unlike previous members of S-series such as S3 and S5, Airwheel S8 dispenses with the design of shaft. It is of sit-on mode, which allows the rider to sit on its saddle when cycling.

If he wants to stand for a better view, it also supports the stand-on ride. Therefore, Airwheel meets the various demands of customers across the globe. It is exciting that Airwheel S8 will make its public appearance in 2017 CES. If interested in Airwheel products, do not miss out on this opportunity.

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Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Country: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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