Airwheel Smart Electric assist Bike R5 Creates Intelligent Riding Life

As AI develops, our society and technology are keeping going into the smart direction. More and more things around us, such as vehicles and household apparatuses, have been becoming ever smarter, which is beyond our imagination. Airwheel is also joining the group who want to be smarter. From this year, Airwheel has been focused on smart scooters, such as electric folding bike E3 and E6. Following the releasing of the two modelscomes Airwheel electric folding smart bike R5, which formally ushers in the smart era throughout the whole history of Airwheel. Hereby we will introduce it to everyone to allow more people to get to know it.

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Airwheel R5 is hailed as the citizen folding electric bike, for it is rather popular with the young white-collars who commute a long distance between workplace and their residence each day. Daily commuting costs them a lot of time, which not only consumes their time but also waste their energy, especially after they get off work. It is obvious that Airwheel R5 becomes a handy vehicle for citizens. They ride it to work and home every day. They are capable of getting some physical exercises while riding for comuting. With Airwheel R5, the daily commuting isno longer monotonous. Some will even turn to feel excited at their commuting.

From the functional perspective, Airwheel electric assist urban bike R5 has many draws to the customers. In the respect of design, Airwheel R5 is as traditional as modern. It is quite traditional because it adopts the design of chains like the traditional bicycle. With the help of the chains, it supports manual mode.

On the other hand, it is innovative and modern, for it is equipped with detachale battery and adopts a folding design. The detachale battery adds a lot to its convenience and the folding design saves the users a great deal of space.

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