Origen Cacao Offering Chocolate Tour in Medellin

Origen Cacao was founded in 2015 and it offers the best chocolate in and around Colombia at Medellin. Their chocolates are produced from the finest Cacao in the world. Their chocolates are very delicious and are made from organic beans. As their chocolates are made from organic bean, they have a pure chocolate content with a good taste. They include only the Colombian ingredients in making the chocolates.

Making of Chocolates

Origen Cacao is the largest and the best chocolate manufacturing company in Colombia located at Medellin with the process of making chocolates from bean to bar. They include high quality ingredients in making these chocolates without compromising in the taste. These chocolates are made only from natural ingredients. As they maintain a direct relationship with the farmers, they get high quality ingredients.

 Chocolates and Ceremonial Cacao products

Their main specialty in making these chocolates are, that these chocolates are handcrafted by their team of experts. Their cacaos are also rich in flavor with light acidity. They also provide flavors to the cacao like chilly, cayenne pepper, and mint leaf. They also manufacture various products like Nut Clusters, candies, raw cocoa powder, skin cream, nibs and ceremonial cacao. They include hints of nuts from the trees in these chocolates which makes it delicious.

Chocolate Tours and Events

Their chocolate factory is situated at Medellin in Colombia. They offer Cacao farm tour around their factory and explain about their chocolate manufacturing procedures. This tour provides an experience to people how chocolate is made from bean to bar, ingredients used in making chocolates. The tour they provide is applicable to all ages. The tour timing is one and half hours. They provide free transportation and food facilities to all the people. People attending the tour can also make their own handcrafted chocolates and taste it. They ensure every once in a month there will be special tastings and events in their factory about their chocolates.

About Origen Cacao

Origen Cacao provides the best and delicious chocolates in Colombia. Their chocolates are made purely only by Colombian ingredients. Origen Cacao also allows people to book tours to visit their factory. The flavors and aroma of these chocolates are always fresh and unique. To know more details about their chocolate and tours visit at: http://origencacao.com/book-a-tour/


Carrera 64a #39-16,

Medellin, Colombia

Ph No: +57 300-451-8467 / +57 313-620-9251

E Mail: contact@origencacao.com



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