Relevance of Airwheel electric self balancing scooter to attend 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show

5 Jan. to 8 Jan. 2017 will be greeted by 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show. Airwheel, a famous scooter-maker, has long expected this trade show. Since last time, it is over one year. In last trade show of CES, Airwheel gained unimaginable result, which made for a lot of collaborative business opportunities. At present, Airwheel is well prepared for this show, which is due to take place in USA.

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The 4-day-long exhibition will provide Airwheel with a stage to show off their new products once again. It is said that Airwheel electric folding bike (e.g. E3 and E6) and electric power bicycle R5 are set to make their public appearance in 2017 CES. For those scooter-lovers and Airwheel loyal players, 2017 CES will be an unforgettable magnificent show.

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Through last participation in 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show, Airwheel gained its widespread reputation in American market. Before that, Airwheel had no channel to enter the market in USA for certain reasons. However, the 2016 exhibition endowed Airwheel with such an opportunity to break the impasse—Airwheel successfully entered the market by virtues of 2016 CES. This move and event was epoch-making, for millions of users in USA got to know Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter which inspired their interests and attention. It is obvious that Airwheel is to attend 2017 CES for the reason different from last year.

It is well known that Airwheel is famous for its quality and notion about design. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter aims to create a handy vehicle for the young men and further the eco-friendly environment. All the time, Airwheel has been making contribution to this goal. Since last exhibition held in USA, Airwheel spent a lot of energy and money on the R & D of eco-friendly and economical vehicles. Fortunately, one-year effort bears fruit—Airwheel is successful in developing its E-series scooters, whose members are folding electric bike E3 and E6. In 2017, Airwheel must be proud of them.

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