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Red Jacaranda Leaves by Curtis Sagwete

Dec 29th, 2016 — Preorder Kindle, On Sale Jan 15 wherever EBooks are sold and in Trade Paperback.

In a world of magic and mysticism, peace and prosperity reins in the Akuwa and Piripiri kingdoms, however, something brews in the midst, and the wily witch doctor, the Sangoma, sees it in his visions, and will do anything to quell the threat. Even reintroducing the ancient art of purification. Princess Nia of the Piripiri tribe faces this bloody destiny, but her mother, Queen Zandile has other ideas. In the Akuwa Kingdom, bastard born Xolani befriends a water dragon, the Nyaminyami, and attempts to protect his tribesmen, and in due course, the kingdoms, from natures recoil at the rites of passage.

Reasons to Hold a Destination Wedding in Florida



There are couples to prefer to have their wedding away from home. For them, having a wedding in a far-off locale is romantic. In the past, marrying away from home means eloping. Today, a destination wedding can involve just the couple; a couple of guests; or a reunion of family and friends in a wonderful setting. For instance, holding a destination wedding in Florida means saying I do while having to spend the rest of the day or the weekend enjoying the sun.


Stress-Free Wedding


Wooden Decks – The Convenient Outdoor Solution


There are quite a lot of solutions that you might be able to take advantage of when it comes to building a great front porch, but nothing adds more comfort and convenience than a greatly executed wooden deck. Using the best decking products and deck material, our company is going to tailor a porch which is going to be up to the highest industry standards.


What Are Ways To Take Care Of Your Hydraulic Inventory?

Pressure driven parts, for example, Hydraulic hose Oklahoma city, Pumps, Motors, and so forth., all around, cost a lot. Regardless of the possibility that you convey a great deal of extras, it’s important to guarantee that your water powered stock isn’t declining while sitting in a stockroom. Specified beneath are a couple of pointers that assistance in legitimate long haul stockpiling of the stock. Perused further to know more.

Putting away the stock in dry, perfect, indoor zones

4 Watch Designs Every Woman Must Own

In regards to ladies watches, women are certain spoilt for decision. You will find watches to suit your requires, your tastes in style as well as various occasions. Get much more information about visit their website

When you’ve got a fetish for watches, you will need to have these four designs in ladies watches. Check against our list and see if you have them all.

1. Leather Band

North America Oncology Radiation Therapy Market Analysis and Forecast by 2023

In addition, the consistent technological advances in cancer research and therapeutic care are favoring growth of this market. The increasing pool of geriatrics and favorable reimbursement policies for cancer therapeutics are also aiding growth of the oncology radiation therapy market, adds the report. However, factors such as the harmful side effects of radiation and high cost of the procedures are hurdles to the market’s growth.

Download Complete Healthcare Analytical Brochure: http://bit.ly/2jrdns9

Data Center Security Market -Increased Significantly Forecast Period

A data center is an archive which contains facilities like servers, firewalls, networking components like switches and routers.Data Center Security also contains facilities like fire suppression system, backup machinery and air conditioning system to maintain the temperature within the stated limit. Size of the data center varies according to the storage requirements.

Data center is primarily responsible for an organization’s Information System (IS). All the important information is stored in the data center due to which necessary security measures are taken to protect the data center. Security systems such as firewalls are used to protect the data from unauthorized sources and climate control systems are used to maintain the right temperature according to the climatic conditions.

Latin America Adhesives and Sealants Market : The report highlights the factors contributing towards the growth of the market

Adhesive refers to a binding substance applied to the surface of materials to avoid separation. Adhesives are available in natural and synthetic form and can be classified as reactive and non-reactive types. Sealants are available in the form of a viscous material with little or no flow to allow easy penetration of substrate. Although the basic application is the same, sealants differ from adhesives as they lack strength and elongation. Sealants are preferred if they are insoluble, resistant to corrosion and provide appropriate adhesion.

Competitive Landscape for Stereotactic Surgery Devices Market by Global Segments – 2023

Stereotactic frames and image based planning software are designed and developed for radio frequency generator and stereotactic surgeries. Stereotactic surgery, commonly known as stereotaxy is a minimally invasive process that can be employed for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. It involves the employment of a 3D coordinate system to stereotactically confine any point in a three dimensional space. This technique is used to perform procedures such as radiosurgery, biopsy, implantation, lesion, ablation, and injection. During surgeries, the image based planning software is used to guide the surgeon towards the respective target.

Download Complete Healthcare Analytical Brochure: http://bit.ly/2iPejpa

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