Awesome Line Up of Airwheel New Products: Smart sport Helmets C6 and C8 in 2017 CES

Each important occasion for showing, Airwheel behaves in a satisfactory way. In last session of CES, Airwheel impressed numerous visitors with its new products. And this time, Airwheel long to reach the same result as last year. In this session of 2017 CES, Airwheel is well prepared for unveiling its new products on the spot. This time, Airwheel intelligent helmets C6 and C8 made their public debut in the 2017 CES, which causes a huge sensation in Airwheel booth.

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Airwheel motorcycle helmet C6 and racing helmet C8 are designed especially for the motorcycle riders and racing drivers. The majority of motorcycle riders and racing drivers are the young. For the moment, the young is the most basic customer base. It is no exception in the sector of electric scooter. Therefore, it is proper for Airwheel to change its focus from on scooter to on the peripheral products of scooter which have a strong charm to the young.

Take racing helmet C8 for example. With the development of economy and society, more and more young men pursue personal character and seek for something that makes them different from others. The racing car is an obvious choice. Of course, many choose it. It is a cool sport. Still, it is also a dangerous one. Without proper protection measures, the sport will threaten life. The advent of Airwheel C8 came as a blessing to the racing drivers. They start to feel free and safe when driving racing cars even at a fantastic speed.

In this session of 2017 CES, Airwheel C6 and C8 smart helmets are on display in Airwheel’s booth. Anyone who pays a visit to its booth will be offered an opportunity to have a personal experience of them. A personal experience goes a long way towards its excellent performance. At the same time, he will be honoured to see its newly developed drone F3.

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