Magnificent Showing of Airwheel New Products: Smart bike Helmets C6 and C8

This session of 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show is unforgettable, for Airwheel attends this worldwide exhibition which is held in USA. The trade show will last 5 Jan. through 8 Jan. The 4-day-long show provides a golden occasion for numerous exhibitors. Through this session of CES, it is highly believed that they will be more prosperous because this brilliant opportunity will foster more co-operative projects. Airwheel also hankers for this opportunity to create a new future. This time, it brings its newly developed products, e.g. intelligent helmets C6 and C8.

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On this occasion, Airwheel smart helmets is proud to display its new line-up of motorcycle helmet C6 and full face helmet C8. The two models are intended for the users who are fond of thrill sports like motorcycle riding and racing driving. These adventurous sports seem to possess a characteristic charms and never fails to attract the young who are adventurous and brave. Therefore, in Airwheel booth, its new products are surrounded by a host of young men. The booth is packed with visitor of all ages. Some are into the full face helmet C8 and the other fond of motorcycle helmet C6. During the session of 2017 CES, many players of Airwheel get to realise that the notion which lies behind Airwheel products is going through a sea change.

Fortunately, Airwheel loyal players are offered an opportunity to experience these products. They can wear motorcycle helmet C6 and full face helmet C8 themselves at will. The Airwheel C8 wears comfortably and can fit the heads of every shape. Each product by Airwheel is designed to everyone’s satisfaction. That is where Airwheel products’ charm lie. Airwheel never lets the customers down. This time, it exhibits its new concept drone F3. This drone is equipped with a small camera. Hence, many photography-lover will come to Airwheel booth for it. It is destined that Airwheel showing will be a highlight during the show.

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