1 USD Buy Offers One Dollar Prepaid Calling Cards to Lucky Registered Users


USA – 1 USD Buy, a leading e-store that deals in everything from consumer electronics to garments and many more products, recently rolled out a host of one dollar calling cards for their registered users. However, as a basic precondition, customers who are registered on the web store can take part in the lucky draw and stand the chance to win the one dollar calling card . The prepaid calling cards that are now available at just one dollar include Apple calling cards and are printed on either PVC or paper.

Prepaid calling cards are credit card sized cards introduced by various telecom operators to help users enjoy cut rates on international or long-distance calls. Apart from being excellent rate-cutter options, these prepaid calling cards are also considered as collectibles and collecting disposable calling cards is a hobby of many. 1 USD Buy wanted to introduce the calling cards to make international or long-distance calling more cost-saving for their users, and have introduced the one dollar calling card concept so that their registered users can reap even more benefits in form of discounts offered to the lucky winner.

The owners of the e-store said that one must sign up on the website using a genuine email address and verifiable phone number in order to take part in the lucky draw and stand the chance for winning the free calling cards

Keeo, the COO of the e-store, recently told that offering calling cards at discounted prices has helped them in creating an air of excitement and frenzy among the registered users or returning buyers of the website. He said that they are one among the pioneers in the ecommerce landscape to introduce the concept of one dollar shopping.

“Gone are those days when many things could be bought with just one dollar. However, we wanted to reintroduce the idea of one dollar shopping as signed up users on our website can now buy shopping cards for just one dollar, provided they emerge as winners of the lucky draw we conduct”, said Keeo, the COO.

About the Company

1 USD Buy is a top ecommerce store.

To know more, visit http://www.1usdbuy.com/

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