Jay Shree Tea Offers Fresh USDA Rainforest Alliance Certified Darjeeling Tea Online At Garden Price

Jay Shree Tea from Birla Group offers fresh USDA rainforest alliance certified Darjeeling tea online at garden price.

Kolkata, India, January 22, 2017: A steaming cup of high-quality organic tea can make your day start well. A Birla Group, Jay Shree Tea is a certified Organic Darjeeling tea provider and offers tea at affordable rates. The company has its headquarters in Kolkata, India and provides Darjeeling tea blends in premium quality, with fresh and natural aroma. It offers fresh USDA rainforest alliance certified Darjeeling tea online at garden price.

The USDA Organic certification is a verification that the handling facility or farm of Jay Shree Tea aides by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic regulations and lets the company label, sells and represent its tea items as organic. Such types of regulations show the particular standards needed for organic items or the USDA organic seal on fiber, food or feed products. These regulations are administered by the USDA National Organic Program with a lot of input from the public and the USDA citizen advisory board.

The organic tea products offered by the brand are made of tealeaves that are nicely refined, and are of garden variety. The tea products come with excellent aroma and the affordable pricing makes sure that customers can enjoy tea of the most premium quality without stressing their pockets. The company comes with fresh tea that is loved by tea connoisseurs.

Jay Shree Tea was founded as early as 1945 and has been a recipient of numerous awards and certificates since that time. The third largest producer of tea on the globe, Jay Shree Tea has as many as 22 tea estates around the nation. It is known to offer a wide variety of Darjeeling tea, which include Darjeeling Balasun blends, Darjeeling Puttabong tea, Darjeeling Risheehat tea or Darjeeling Sungma blends, which provide tea lovers with the best quality in terms of taste and aroma.

Consumers from any section of the country can avail the tea products from Jay Shree Tea with free shipping. The official website of the company is very user-friendly, and consists of separate categories and an easily navigable structure. Consumers can easily buy Green or Black tea and get the options for free shipping and cash-on-delivery. Various tastes are combined in the tea products, and they come with competitive rates.

Customers from outside India can also avail certified Darjeeling tea products in wholesale quantities, and people who place bulk orders can get the items at reduced shipping costs. Buyers can get the option for Fast Shipping, and they can choose the items faster than they want. They can avail the high quality tea blends right from their homes.

About Jay Shree Tea

Jay Shree Tea is a supplier of premium quality Tea, and offers superior brews to tea-lovers at the most competitive rates in the industry. A part of the BK Birla group, Jay Shree Tea is based in Kolkata.

For further information, visit https://www.jayshreetea.com/buy-darjeeling-tea.


Contact Information

Jay Shree Tea

Industry House, (15th Floor) 10

Kolkata, WB – 700 017, India

Phone no: 033 2282 7531

Email id: info@jayshreetea.com

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