New fibromyalgia treatment strategies Unveiled

Millie is a young woman, cheerful and bright. But deep down she endures the deep pains in her arms and torso which has plagued her for years. In spite of having many doctor visits and having a plethora of tests performed on her, the source of her pain was never found, until early in 2016, when she was finally referred to a doctor specializing in nerve disorders and finding out the reason of her suffering­: fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a relatively rare disease and thus, very little is known about it. It majorly affects the women, with around 80% to 90% of all fibromyalgia patients being female. Most of the symptoms of fibromyalgia include continuous pain in all body parts, dizziness, stomach upset, headache and chronic fatigue.

Due to its rarity, fibromyalgia cannot be detected easily by modern medicinal methods and is generally mistaken to be some other disease. It is not even detected by MRI or ultrasound screenings, which makes the disease to be very easily missed by doctors.

According to Dr. Marcus Yu Bin Pai, a senior physiatrist, doctors sometimes face a lot of struggle while treating their patients for conditions that do not present themselves in a form that can be seen by the doctor. He further adds that having years of experience definitely helps a doctor to detect fibromyalgia faster in patients with symptoms. Dr. Marcus further says that if symptoms last for more than six months, there is a good chance that the underlying cause could be fibromyalgia.

Standard Fibromyalgia Treatment

The standard treatment for fibromyalgia consists of exercise, sleep and medication in order to provide adequate amount of activity and rest to the body. The biggest indicator of fibromyalgia is the constant lingering pain, which makes it difficult for patients to follow the fitness regime as prescribed by their doctors. This leads to patients losing track of their treatment which makes their symptoms worse and even causes severe mental and emotional stress.

Alternative Fibromyalgia Treatment

In addition to medication and exercising, there is a need to maintain strict diet controls in order to reduce the agony suffered. Dr. Marcus recommends patients suffering from fibromyalgia to avoid eating junk foods as well as foods containing large amounts of sugars, as these aggravate the symptoms and hinders the healing process.

Natural ways to reduce the stress caused due to fibromyalgia are recommended too, with yoga and meditation being the best ways to make peace with the disabilities caused due to fibromyalgia.

Dr. Marcus also says that the best way to fight fibromyalgia is to improve one’s lifestyle, by maintaining balanced diets, having proper sleep patterns and performing physical activity to stimulate and energise the body. He also stresses on the need to find a perfect doctor, as they can go a long way in increasing patient morale and make their suffering a whole lot easier to bear.

Fibromyalgia is rare, yet real. While no cure has been found for it yet, these methods go a long way in making the patients’ lives way more liveable.

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