Santa Monica Compounding Pharmacy Provides the Latest Medication Options


Santa Monica compounding pharmacy, ABC Pharmacy of Beverly Hills, is a trusted, family-owned pharmacy. They firmly believe in the idea that patient care comes first, which is why they offer a variety of services to make the entire process easy and simple for the patient. First, they offer free parking for customers. This is a great amenity because parking can be hard to find in the city. All the customer has to do is park, bring in their parking stub and get it validated during their visit. This Santa Monica compounding pharmacy puts the customer first.

One of the other amenities they offer is prescription delivery. This service is to be used by customers who are too sick or immobile to leave their homes to pick up their prescription. All the patient has to do is order their prescription at the Santa Monica compounding pharmacy and wait for it to come right to their front door. They guarantee to get the prescription delivered quickly so that no one ever has to go without their necessary medications and products.

One of the most impressive amenities at this Santa Monica compounding pharmacy is the fact that they promise ten-minute prescription fulfillment times. That means that whenever a patient comes in and orders their prescription, it will be filled within ten minutes or less. For those that have trouble ingesting their medications through traditional means, the Santa Monica compounding pharmacy offers compounded medications.

About ABC Pharmacy of Beverly Hills

ABC Pharmacy of Beverly Hills is a Santa Monica compounding pharmacy that offers both compounded and traditional medication forms. They have been proudly serving all of the greater Los Angeles area for several years now and in that time they have gained the trust and loyalty of many customers. To learn more about the pharmacy, visit their website or call (310) 777-0052. Address: 9033 Wilshire Blvd. #102, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

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Robert Richards
Company Name: ABC Pharmacy Of Beverly Hills
Phone Number: 310 777 0052
Address: 9033 Wilshire Blvd., #102, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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