YoShop, the New Rising Star Shopping App, Gets to Top 3 in Shopping Categories in a Month

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Scottsdale, AZ, Jan. 25th, 2017 – the Yoshop’s App ranking has increased in major App store across Latin America by January 18, 2017. According to data obtained from App Annie, the shopping App has ranked top 3 in Argentina and Chile.


App Annie is a business intelligence company and analyst firm with its headquarter in San Francisco, California. The information on the site reveals that in the Argentina top charts, the App on the first position is Mercado Libre, and occupying the second position, is the OLX App. Meanwhile in the Chile top charts, the App occupying the first position is the Yapo.cl, and the AliExpress Shopping App occupies the second position.


The Support Engineer of APP Annie, Ava Guo said, “The ranking information is completely from the major store platform, such as Apple, Google, App Annie just collect the information and display in better place, without change and edit, to secure the reliable data.” This implies that the Yoshop App could not have attained its current position if not for its popularity among users which subsequently leads to a high number of downloads, to beat other competing Apps. This also indicates that the users who downloaded the App found it useful and left positive reviews about the App which contributed to its ranking and makes it possible to cling the third position in the App chart.

Plans are currently on the way to upgrade the Yoshop paying and shipping method of the shopping App to expand the market in Latin America and to be competitive with other competitors. With these upgrades, consumers using the App will have a variety of options, more flexibility and seamlessness to enhance their shopping experience.


According to Samuel, the Operation Manager of the Yoshop App, “Yoshop plans to accept more local paying methods in Latin America by February 2017.” The Operation Manager of the Yoshop App went further to say that “Yoshop also plans to include more direct shipping methods to fit the Latin America market.”


Samuel also urges their customers to spread the news about Yoshop as consumers can purchase fantastic products from the site at competitive prices.


Yoshop is constantly expanding, and there are actionable plans to accommodate this growth so that consumers can have a better and seamless shopping experience.


About Yoshop

Yoshop is an international competitive leading online shopping platform providing low cost and quality products in fashion and electronics categories. The operating system is almost the same as Wish but cooperation with sellers is the same as Amazon’s FBA. Sellers just have to send their products to Yoshop’s warehouse and sell to provide a better user experience.



Name: Joanne

Email: news@yoshop.com

Website: http://www.yoshop.com/


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