Modern Martini Rx Provides Different Flavors of Marijuana Martini

Modern Martini Rx is a leading cannabis product seller in California, which offers cannabis infused marijuana martini with different flavors. They are a trustworthy place for online shopping who delivers marijuana martini without any damages. Their team has many years of experience in marijuana martini preparation; they take the finest premium raw cannabis and mixes into today’s most popular martini varieties. In addition, they prepare marijuana martini varieties without alcohol.

Their marijuana martini varieties are available in different flavors, including Absinthe Pear, Ganja Grape, Canna Cosmo, Whipped Strawberry creme, Chiba Cherry, G6 Punch Berry, Laced Lemonade and more. Many Doctors in the US recommend these marijuana martini drinks for the people who don’t like to drink alcohol. Even California Cannabis Club Inc. represents marijuana martini varieties to their patients. Because, cannabis infused marijuana drinks have lots of health benefits, such as relieve severe headaches, relax muscles, heal your pain, and more.

Ganja Grape

Ganja Grape contains 100mg mixed sativa cannabis comes with a grape flavor. It has a delicious taste and gives you the long lasting grape effect.

G6 Punch Berry

G6 Punch Berry contains 150mg of the finest sativa cannabis comes with the blue colored look. It has lemon, cranberry, and pineapple flavors.

Laced Lemonade

Laced Lemonade contains 50mg of sativa cannabis comes with a yellow gold colored look. It has a fresh lemon flavor with lemon sweetness.

Get Marijuana Martini Online

All cannabis infused marijuana martini varieties are effectively designed and delivered around California. To get martini varieties online, people first of all need to create a member account through their website. When filing a membership account, you need California Doctor’s recommendation for cannabis use and also have a valid California ID. After successfully created a membership account, you can place marijuana martini by phone 12am to 7pm or anytime at online.

About Modern Martini Rx

Modern Martini Rx is one of the trustworthy places which provide different flavored marijuana martini varieties around California. They offer an innovative and lab tested cannabis infused marijuana drinks at affordable prices. These martini varieties are available in 12 or 24 pack case. To know more about their different flavors of marijuana martini, visit


Phone: 1-800-288-5934

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