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Mumbai – 25/01/2017

Government jobs have been dream jobs of every youth. A new platform has been developed to help these young aspirants to help them achieve their dreams. This platform is a website named that has a number of information about Government jobs in India.

This site has everything from new Government job openings in various such as bank jobs, railway jobs, defence jobs, teaching jobs, upsc information and much more as well as career tips and various other information on how to improve your career.

For information on latest bank jobs and other details related to the competitive exam you can visit,  which make sures to update all the upcoming bank exams and keep its visitors notified.

Apart from banking jobs, one most appealing sector is UPSC but to appear and pass the exam itself is a challenge.  Here at sure recruitment you will find very useful information on UPSC exams.  The exam calendar, syllabus as well as important tips for preparation all these you can get in the UPSC section of

Why Government jobs are so important? India has been a place where Government jobs have been one of the most satisfactory jobs. People strive too hard for getting even a smaller post in a Government office.

The importance of Government jobs can be observed with their recognition in the world, the railway sector has been 7th largest employer in the world along with the Indian armed forces who stand on 8th number in terms of employment and has employed around 2.7 million people. By this it must have been clear how valuable these jobs are.

In railway and defense section of website you will find all the information related to the recent updated job posts and also the procedure to appear for them.  So, if you are looking for any railway or defense job then you must go through these sections of surerecruitment.

Not only railways or armed forces other Government sectors such as petroleum firm O.N.G.C, Government owned companies like SAIL, Ordnance Factory, BSNL, GAIL, NTPC and many more have recruited thousands of people and working in such firms has been a desire of almost every youth in India. Apart from companies Government bank jobs are also centre of attraction for the youth.

Some Benefits of Government Jobs Include:

Job Security: This is the biggest advantage and everyone knows it. Government sector is considered as the most secured place to work.

Allowances: Allowances in government jobs are much more than private jobs. Travel allowance, leave allowance and many more.

Healthcare facilities: Government jobs provide free health care facility for its employee under the Central Government Health Scheme. Apart from employee the family of policemen and armed forces are also covered in this scheme.

Holidays: Employees get all the National holidays in Government jobs which private sector does not provide. Apart from Army and police sector, all the sectors have a number of yearly holidays. Government sector also provides paid holidays that are much more that private sector.

Promotion: Government employees get timely guaranteed promotions. These promotion are fixed depending upon the post and merits. Whereas in private sector promotion is not guaranteed.

Stress Free: This is a well-known fact that Government jobs are stress free. But this is not completely true, Government employees too have stress but the level is not as high as in private jobs. Also the working hours are also fixed.

Accommodation: Government sector provides accommodation to almost every employee depending on its post and merits.

Increments: Increment bonus are guaranteed in Government jobs, may be with transfer or without but they provide it to every employee.

Pension: This is also a mandatory when you are working for Government then you are eligible for lifelong benefit of pension and after your death your family will get the benefit of your job.

Hence, with so many benefits it is natural to get attracted towards Government sector. Apart from perks you achieve is the respect and sense of responsibility in the society is incomparable. But Government jobs are not so easy to get, thus SureRecruitment will help you out in this. From getting the information of new vacancy in Government sector to filling the forms and other formalities SureRecruitment will provide all the information.

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