Year-on-Year Impact of Market Trends of Animal Feed Safety Testing Market

Animal feed safety testing is a niche -segment of the global feed testing market. The feed testing industry is continuously expanding driven by growing concern for livestock health among all stakeholders including – livestock owners, feed manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and animal rights organizations. The apprehension displayed regarding livestock feed quality has been swelling due to the increasing adulteration of livestock feed, and it is responsible for major outbreaks of diseases like BSE and PED. The key reasons for feed adulteration/contamination include mismanagement in handling and contamination of feed ingredients, water and inadequacy in processing feed inputs.
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The contamination of feed can occur due to contaminated raw materials, improper handling, and exposure to contaminated water and inefficient treatment of the ingredients during production and packaging. Feed products have been contaminated by pathogens, toxins, genetically modified products, pesticides, and other contaminants such as allergens and chemical residues. Regulatory bodies have been implementing several feed testing regulations to manufacture safe feed of high quality using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems.

The Global Animal Feed Safety Testing Market is estimated to exceed $2 billion in terms of revenue by 2020.The Government regulations often require the formula to be tested even if there is a slight change in ingredients or nutritional content, to repeatedly check for contamination and whether the change hasn’t resulted in possible change in nutritional value. This factor is one of the key reasons for repeated testing and hence drives the demand for the animal feed safety testing market.

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In 2014, the Animal Feed Safety Testing Market revenue exceeded $500 million, led by increasing awareness among stakeholders regarding quality of feed and feed ingredients, and increasing breadth & variety of tests required for compliance with animal feed safety regulations. As stricter regulations are being formulated & imposed on feed manufacturers by regulatory authorities, the testing market is seeing a significant uptrend and its outlook seems increasingly positive.

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Table of Contents

  1. Animal Feed Safety Testing Market Overview
    2. Executive Summary
    3. Animal Feed Safety Testing Market Landscape
    3.1. Marketshare Analysis
    3.2. Comparative Analysis
    4. Animal Feed Safety Testing Market Forces
    4.1. Market Drivers
    4.2. Market Constraints
    4.3. Market Challenges
    4.4. Attractiveness of the Animal Feed Safety Testing Market
    5. Animal Feed Safety Testing Market
    5.1. Value Chain Analysis
    5.2. Pricing Analysis
    5.3. Opportunity Analysis
    5.4. Product/ Market Life Cycle Analysis
    5.5. Suppliers & Distributors
    6. Animal Feed Safety Testing Market – By Testing Type
    6.1. Pathogen Testing
    6.2. Pesticides & Fertilizers Analysis
    6.3. Antibiotics & Drugs
    6.4. Mycotoxin Analysis
    6.5. Proximate Analysis
    6.6. Others
    7. Animal Feed Safety Testing Market – By Livestock Type
    7.1. Poultry Feed
    7.2. Dairy Feed
    7.3. Equine Feed
    7.4. Pet Food
    7.5. Fish Feed
    7.6. Others
    8. Animal Feed Safety Testing Market – By Geography
    8.1. Introduction
    8.2. Americas
    8.3. Europe
    8.4. Asia Pacific
    8.5. Rest of the World
    9. Market Entropy
    9.1. New Product Launches
    9.2. M&As, Partnerships & JVs.
    10. Investment Opportunities – Analysis of Target companies/customers, Capital Investments, RoI, Payback Period & Source of Funds.
    11. Company Profiles
    11.1. Life Technologies Inc.
    11.2. Intertek
    11.3. Bruker Biosciences Corporation.
    11.4. TUV Rheinland Group
    11.5. Scintec
    11.6. Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories
    11.7. Whitebeck Group
    11.8. Phenomenex Inc
    11.9. RL Food Testing Laboratories
    11.10. Genetic ID NA Inc.
    11.11. SDK Laboratories
    11.12. EMSL Anlaytical Inc.
    11.13. OMIC USA Inc.
    11.14. Maxxam
    11.15. Foss
    11.16. Invivo Laboratories
    11.17. FeedTest
    11.18. Quantum Analytical Services Ltd
    11.19. DM Scientific
    11.20. Food Safety Net Services
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    “*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies”

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