Airwheel C6 Open Face Smart motorcycle Helmet Is More Than a Head Protection Device

Even though there are many excellent helmets in the market, most of them own single function: protecting head. What if a helmet not only protects head, but also takes pictures, answers a call and plays music? Such a helmet has been born already and it is called Airwheel intelligent helmet. On the recently concluded CES 2017, Airwheel launched its newest products which had draw enough attention on spot. Except the marvelous double-wheeled electric scooter S8 and the standing up electric scooter Z5, there are also two kinds of smart helmets, Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet and C8 full face helmet.

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Riders always wear some protective clothing like kneecaps, gloves and helmets. While the head protection is crucial. Complying with related standards of CPSC, ABS material with the features of high impact strength, good stability and high level of electrical performance and abrasion resistance is applied to the surface shell of C6. Airwheel C6 scooter helmet conforms to the principle of ergonomics so as to match each kind of head forms, its applicable head girth 55cm-62cm. In a word, riders will wear it very comfortably. In addition, C6 is designed to be outfitted with windproof shell which can effectively protect users’ eyes. When meeting bad weathers like strong wind, delivery workers can also move on the streets and see clearly the front roads;

As an intelligent helmet, C6 smart helmets gathers many functions. It can help to answer the phone calls automatically. When they are riding on the way, it will be convenient to receive the calls. Airwheel C6 is able to produce premium images and videos as it has premium shooting performances. C6 is able to capture the widest field-of-view and presents better contrast control, so the images captured are clear, beautiful and authentic.

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Multiple functions, such as camera shooting, data recording, reviving calls and music playing etc. make Airwheel C6 cool motorcycle helmet becomes one of necessary protective gears for riding.

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