UV Disinfection Equipment Market – Reach US$2.5 Billion by 2019

The UV Disinfection Equipment Market is thriving due to the benefits associated with it including its residue-less functioning, low installation and operation cost and ease of maintenance. Where the government initiatives for providing safe drinking water to citizens are further increasing the scope of UV disinfection equipment, the fast growth of healthcare and chemical industries is offering opportunities for the air and surface segments of the UV disinfection equipment market.

In many places, the combination of ozone and UV disinfection is being used to create multiple barriers for Cryptosporidium (a disease causing gastrointestinal illness and diarrhea) and Giardia (the protozoan parasites causing Giardiasis). Where the average capital cost of Cryptosporidium inactivation by ozone is USD 8.1 million, it is USD 4.6 million for the combination of ozone and UV. Similarly, the annual operation and maintenance cost for water disinfection set-up of ozone is USD 460,000, while the same is USD 60,000 in case of disinfection set-up comprising a combination of ozone and UV. While chlorine takes around 15-20 minutes of treatment time in the contact tank, UV treatment takes only 6-10 seconds. Being cost effective, UV treatment technique is gaining attention from users, which is increasing its market demand.

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One of the rules of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in relation to drinking water treatment is Long Term 2 (LT2) Surface Water Treatment Rule under which all public water systems in the U.S. that use surface water or ground water under the direct influence of surface water, are required to reduce source water Cryptosporidium levels by 2-logs (99%). Cryptosporidium microorganisms are resistant to chlorine, which is giving an opportunity for microfiltration, ozonation and UV disinfection.

However, the declining growth rate of the food and beverages segment of the UV disinfection equipment is one of the major concerns for the market. But with the improvement in the global food and beverages industry, the growth of this segment of UV disinfection market is expected to improve.

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The global UV disinfection market has been growing at a fast pace as it is quickly replacing chlorine-based disinfectants used in many industries. Consumers are opting for UV disinfection equipment as it comes at a low price, is residue-free while functioning, and is extremely easy to use. UV disinfection equipment is used in various industries such as food and beverages, healthcare, chemical, and in treating water disinfection. As governments across the globe are looking at ways of treating water in order to provide clean and safe drinking water, the global UV disinfection equipment market is getting an additional push.

The global UV disinfection equipment market has been segmented for the purpose of understanding the products and their usage better. The report states, waste water segment of the global UV disinfection equipment market will grow at a rapid speed as compared to other segments. As the widespread of water-borne diseases and chlorine-susceptible microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium are truly pushing regulators to adopt better technologies to treat water. Such sentiment is also acting as a great catalyst in pushing the global UV disinfection equipment market upward. Additionally, the growth of healthcare and chemical industries is also providing ample opportunities to the global disinfection equipment market to expand its surface and air UV disinfection equipment segments.

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