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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Installation Market – Global Industry Analysis, Share,Trends & Forecast, : 2024

The presence of a large number of companies offering diverse products and services related to combined heat and power (CHP) installations is fueling competition in the global CHP installation market. A CHP system is manufactured using numerous components such as turbines, filters, generators, engines, valves, and compressors. Several companies are therefore present in the market, selling key components, providing after-sales services, and distributing equipment.

BDR Thermea Group B.V. held the largest share in the global CHP installation market in 2014, as per TMR analysis. Some of the most prominent enterprises operating in the market include 2G Energy AG, Siemens AG, Edina Ltd., Wärtsilä Corporation, ENER-G Holdings Plc (ENER-G), Clarke Energy Ltd., and others. The top eight companies hold 53% of the global combined heat and power installation market.

E-Learning a Highly Lucrative Investment Avenue for Players in Medical Education Market, reports TMR

The global medical education market has a handful of players such as Apollo Hospitals, TACT Academy for Clinical Training, Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc. (Zimmer Institute), Olympus Corporation, Gundersen Health System, GE Healthcare, and Medical Training College. Transparency Market Research identifies Apollo Hospitals as the leading contributor to the growth of the overall market owing to its extensive course portfolio, strong market penetration in countries in Asia Pacific, and vast scope for practical hospital experience. 

“Geographical expansion in several developing countries has been Apollo Hospitals’ leading growth strategy, in addition to the acquisition of smaller local players,” finds the lead author of the TMR study.

Patent Expiry of Blockbuster Drugs for Treatment of Kaposi Sarcoma to Present Lucrative Opportunities, says TMR

The global Kaposi sarcoma (KS) market is immensely consolidated and the top two players, namely Johnson & Johnson and Merck & Co. Inc. accounted for almost 50% of the overall market in 2015. The contribution of domestic players such as Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is presented low. However, Transparency Market Research predicts that the contribution of these companies will increase during the forecast period owing to the patent expiry of several major drugs.

Rising Expenditure on Animal Healthcare by Pet Owners and Livestock Farmers to Drive Global Veterinary Vaccines Market, reports TMR

The global veterinary vaccines market is highly consolidated, with the top five vendors accounting for a share of nearly 65% in the overall market in 2015, reports TMR in a new study. Zoetis, Inc., Merck & Co., and Sanofi Aventis, the top three companies in the market collectively held a share of more than 45% of the overall market in the same year.

Targeted in-licensing and acquisitions, expansion of global manufacturing and supply capacities, and increased investments towards research and development activities are some of the key strategies adopted by leading vendors in the market. A recent instance is the strategic alliance of Sanofi with Boehringer Ingelheim in June 2016. Under this alliance, an exchange of Boehringer Ingelheim’s consumer healthcare (CHC) unit with Sanofi’s animal health business took place.

Ban on API Imports from China to Boost Heparin Production in Europe, predicts TMR

The heparin market in Europe is rather consolidated, with the Sanofi, Aspen, Pfizer, and Leo Pharma accounting for over 65% of the market in 2015. In a new study, Transparency Market Research (TMR) has found that Sanofi is the clear leader in the Europe heparin market, enjoying a 47.5% share in 2015. Increased global sales of Lovenox can be attributed to the company’s success.

“A focus on the expansion of R&D activities, in-licensing and acquisitions, and portfolio management are the key strategies adopted by the market leader,” the author of the study finds. In 2015, the company spent over US$5 bn on the research and development of 18 new medicines and vaccines. Companies in the heparin market in Europe are also emphasizing on key BRIC-M countries, developing market-specific innovations, and prioritizing resource allocation.

Adenovirus Diagnostic Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019

Adenoviruses are major causes of febrile illness among children. They can infect the membranes of respiratory tract, intestines, eyes and urinary tract causing pharyngitis, pneumonia and gastroenteritis, bronchiolitis, hemorrhagic cystitis and conjunctivitis. There are 57 types of adenoviruses known to infect human beings, classified into seven categories from A to G on the basis of genome size and composition.  Human Adenovirus A, B and C cause respiratory infection while HAdV B & D cause conjunctivitis. Children are more susceptible to adenovirus infections than adults and aging population. Late winter, early summer and spring are the most common time for this infection to occur. Adenoviruses are one of the major causes of respiratory infections among children and cause of diarrhea. As these infections are not specific, so they cannot be diagnosed on the basis of clinical symptoms only. A number of diagnostic methods used to confirm the presence of adenovirus infection include viral culture, polymerase chain reaction assays and antigen based assays. Others emerging technologies such as monoclonal antibodies, liposomes, flow cytometry, chromatography and gel microdroplets are of vital use in diagnosis of adenovirus infection.
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The diagnostic tests for adenovirus infections are generally conducted at hospitals, private diagnostic laboratories, small clinics and public health laboratories. A study conducted by Barcelona Center for International Health Research and University of Bacelona on children suffering from pneumonia suggests that adenovirus is the second most respiratory virus causing pneumonia. Although the market for adenovirus diagnostics is considered to be mature, it may grow in emerging markets where a large number of children infected with adenovirus are under served. Geographically, North America represents the largest market as hospitals and private diagnostics laboratories in United States and Canada offer a broad portfolio of tests to determine the presence of adenovirus and due to reimbursement policy covering adenovirus diagnostics.
Some of the key players operating in this market are Affymetrix, Becton Dickinson, Roche, Bio-Rad, Gen-Probe, Novartis AG, Qiagen, Diasorin, Abbott and bioMerieux.
This research report analyzes this market depending on its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends. Geographies analyzed under this research report include 
  • North America 

ENT And Bronchoscopy Market: Emerging Market Trends, Size, Share and Growth Analysis

ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) and Bronchoscopy devices market comprises of a wide array of medical devices such as ENT powered instruments and radiofrequency devices, ENT hand instruments, endoscopes, bronchial stents, bronchial flexible scope and airway stents. These devices are used in a number of surgical procedures and treatment associated with ENT and lung diseases such as myringotomy, stapedectomy, tonsillectomy, internal biopsy and bronchial stenting. These surgical procedures are used in the treatment of a variety of diseases such as acute oitis media, eustachian tube dysfunction, conductive hearing loss and malignant and benign tracheobronchial stenosis. ENT powered instruments are used in a variety of ENT surgeries and facilitate better precision, surgical access, safety and speed. An endoscope is a device used to examine the interior surfaces of an organ inside the body. An endoscope encompasses a light and a video camera enabling doctors to see images and recording on the screen. In ENT endoscopes are used to look into nasal & sinus cavities and vocal cords and other throat tissues while in lung diseases it is used to look through airway of lungs and help in taking tissue sample. 
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The global ENT and bronchoscopy devices market is segmented broadly into ENT device market and Bronchoscope device market. The ENT device market is further segmented into powered ENT instruments market, ENT hand instruments market, ENT endoscope device market and ENT radio frequency & ultrasonic device market. The bronchoscopy device market is segmented into bronchial stent market, bronchial forceps & transbronchial aspiration needles market and bronchial hand instruments market. 
The market for ENT and Bronchoscopy market is predicted to grow under the influence of increasing incidences of ENT and lung diseases worldwide such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), sinusitis and otitis media, increasing habit of smoking and technological advancements leading to less invasive procedures such as radio frequency and powered instruments. WHO (World Health Organization) reports that COPD is the 4th leading cause of death worldwide and is expected to hold 3rd position by 2020 and it was reported that 64 million people were suffering from COPD worldwide in the year 2004. Geographically North America and Europe are leading the way in the market respectively with a combined market share accounting for more than 60% of the total market value. Major Asian regions are predicted to face aging population crisis in coming years leading to increased ENT and lung diseases that will drive the market growth. 
Some of the market players in this industry are Boston Scientific Corporation, Carl Zeiss AG, Medtronic Inc., Lumenis Ltd., Meditech, Olympus Corporation and Broncus Technologies, Inc.
This research report analyzes this market depending on its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends. Geographies analyzed under this research report include 
  • North America 

Coxsackievirus Diagnostics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019

Coxsackieviruses are non-enveloped viruses belonging to the picornaviridae family and enterovirus genus that possess linear single-stranded RNA as their genetic material. Based on their pathogenecity tested on mice, they are further categorized into group A and group B viruses. Group A viruses are known to cause skin and mucous membrane infections leading to disorders such as herpangina, hand-foot-and-mouth (HFM) disease and acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (AHC), whereas, group B viruses infect the pancreas, liver and heart leading to various conditions such as pericarditis, hepatitis, myocarditis and pleurodynia. According to the estimations of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), out of all the neonatal enterovirus infections from the year 1983 – 2003, coxsackievirus infections accounted for around 25% share. People from all age groups get infected by coxsackievirus but children are more susceptible to infection. Fetuses or newborns are at a high risk of infection if their mother gets infected during pregnancy. These viruses are found in the feces, fluid in blisters, nasal secretions and saliva of infected patients.
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Patients infected with coxsackievirus are diagnosed by the appearance of blisters on the hands, mouth and feet. In rare instances, viral identification tests can be performed that involves the use of real time-PCR for amplification of the DNA sample. This type of test distinguishes the virus at the genus, species and subtype level of nomenclature. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is usually administered for symptomatic treatment to reduce fever; other treatment options include Benadryl (diphenhydramine). The coxsackievirus diagnostics market can be segmented on the basis of the type of diagnostic tests performed in various hospitals, private laboratories, etc., instrumentation and geography. The major factors driving the growth of this market are increasing incidence of coxsackievirus infections, increased awareness among the public and rigorous government initiatives to reduce the incidences of these infections. Lack of resources and accessibility in remote areas is one of the key factors that may mask the growth of this market. Some of the leading players in this market include Abbott Laboratories, Danaher Corporation, Affymetrix, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. and Hologic Corporation.
This research report analyzes this market depending on its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends. Geographies analyzed under this research report include 
  • North America 

Anti-Adhesion Products Market: Latest Trends & Insights 2019

Adhesion is one of the common problems affecting almost 55% to 90% patients followed by surgery. Adhesion is a band of scar tissue formed between organs and tissue after a surgery as a part of a normal healing process. However, when it connects wrong tissues into each other, adhesions may lead to severe clinical symptoms such as pelvic pain, intestinal blockage, infertility and loss of sensation depending on the location and size of the adhesions.  Adhesions are most common after surgeries such as abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, gynaecological surgery and plastic surgery. After abdominal surgery, bowels and pelvic organs may adhere with each other as a result of adhesion causing risks for small bowel obstruction and severe pain. The various types of adhesions based on their locations are abdominal adhesions, intestinal adhesions, intraperitoneal adhesions and pelvic adhesions.
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Some of the anti-adhesion products available in the market are Adept (Baxter), Seprafilm (Genzyme), INTERSEED (Johnson & Johnson) and Surgiwrap (MAST Biosurgery). The market for anti-adhesion products can be segmented on the basis of types of surgery such as abdominal surgery, gynecological surgery and other surgical procedures. The market for anti-adhesion products is growing due to large number incidences of adhesion associated with various surgeries. Usually 55% to 90% patients undergoing abdominal and gynecological surgeries face adhesion problems. Presently, North America represents the largest market as a number of products have been approved by FDA. Asia-Pacific is experiencing growth as large number of patients are undergoing abdominal and gynecological surgeries. In the coming future the market will witness growth with the introduction of new products with more efficacy.
Some of the major vendors operating in this market are Johnson & Johnson, Baxter International, WL Gore, Anika Therapeutics, Inc., Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Genzyme Corporation, LifeCell Corporation and MAST Biosurgery AG.
This research report analyzes this market depending on its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends. Geographies analyzed under this research report include
  • North America
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