A Cool New Place in Tagaytay City

There’s something about Tagaytay City that makes it a favorite destination of both the local residents of the Philippines as well as foreigners. Aside from being the country’s 2nd coldest city, there are so many other things that Tagaytay can be proud of and one of it is, contrary to its climate, the city’s warm welcome to those who visit.


Tagaytay City has an advantageous vantage point that overlooks the highly famous Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. Because of this, many entrepreneurs have taken it to their advantage and have put up a variety of businesses around the area including restaurants, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and coffee shops. People now visit Tagaytay not only for special events and occasions, but also for a quick getaway any tine of the week! It is already no surprise that lots of establishments in the city take pride in having a view of the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake but there’s one hotel in Tagaytay that go beyond giving the people a breathtaking view of this tourist spot.


Escala Tagaytay is one of Tagaytay City’s newest attractions. Not a lot of people know about this hotel just yet and perhaps that makes it even more exciting to discover. Then again, it’s something that vacationers shouldn’t miss out on!


Though it is quite new, Escala Tagaytay is sure to provide a hotel experience unlike any other from its surrounding area. First of all, its structure alone is unique. It has a distinct “U” shape in such a way that the iconic infinity pool sits in the middle while surrounding it are the hotel rooms. The hotel’s structure also lets the guests enjoy the cool breeze of Tagaytay while, as an additional treat, guests take in the scenic view of Taal. Speaking of views, all hotel rooms are spiced up with one. Guests checked in at this hotel in Tagaytay will either get a view of Taal or the hotel’s own stunning piece, the infinity pool.


Being an immediate getaway destination of lots of people makes Tagaytay City a busy place. Don’t worry about that because Escala Tagaytay is located away from the busy streets without even giving anyone a hard time getting to it! Most of all, it is also located near Tagaytay’s well-loved spots including Sky Ranch and Picnic Grove; an ideal place for a fun time with family and friends.


How’s that for something cool and new?


For more information about this hotel in Tagaytay, visit the website at www.escalatagaytay.com

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