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Water Purifier Market- Geographical Expansion, & Partnerships as their Key Strategies to Enhance their Presence in the Water Purifier Market

This report on the Water Purifier Market provides analysis for the period 2014 – 2024, wherein 2015 is the base year and the period from 2016 to 2024 is the forecast period. Data for 2014 has been included as historical information. The report covers all the prevalent trends and technologies playing a major role in the growth of the water purifier market over the forecast period. It also highlights various drivers, restraints, and opportunities expected to influence the market growth during the said period. The study provides a holistic perspective on market growth throughout the above forecast period in terms of revenue estimates (in US$ Bn), across different geographies, which include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East & Africa (MEA), and South America.

Screw Pumps Market – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Forecast : 2024

Global Screw Pumps Market: Overview

Screw pumps refer to a variety of pumps that work on the principle of a screw turning to isolate and convey a fluid. Though the term ‘screw pump’ is often generically used, it includes a variety of pumps operating on the same basic principle but having several screw configurations, uses, design considerations, and advantages. The design differences of the numerous screw pumps available in the market make each suitable for handling fluids with different characteristics and a number of applications.

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Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Market – Lucrative Growth Opportunities to Manufacturers

This report provides strategic and in-depth analysis of the global air quality monitoring equipment market, and the growth forecast for the period 2016 to 2024. The scope of this report includes analysis of different segments within market that are differentiated as per type, end user and geography of the global air quality monitoring equipment market.

Testing, Inspection and Certification Market – Increased Demand for TIC Services on the part of the Manufacturers

The primary role of testing, inspection, and certification companies is to ensure the maintenance of health, safety, and quality requirements of their clients’ products. Testing, inspection, and certification companies are engaged in inspection, verification, testing and certification services wherein the major purpose is to help increase the productivity and also help local manufacturers to comply with the global standards. The global testing, inspection, and certification market on the basis of application has been segmented into seven types; oil & gas (onshore facilities and offshore facilities), aerospace (avionics, interior and exterior lighting systems, air frames, Passenger Service Units, rotor systems and others), food and beverages (processed meat and poultry products, dairy products, infant food products, organic food, beverages and others), automotive (environmental exposure, durability/life cycle, fuel systems, engine systems and batteries and others) ,automation (energy, security and safety and other industrial equipment), textile (fibre identification, chemical testing, feather & down testing, thermal & water vapour resistance testing and others) and others.

Concentrator photovoltaic CPV Market – Industry Analysis, Forecast 2024

Global Concentrator Photovoltaic Market: Overview

Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology entered the market in the mid-2000s as a utility scale solar power generation option. While the technology has witnessed widespread acclaim and a significant number of installations across the globe in the past few years, it is still at a nascent stage of development. When compared to conventional flat-plate PV, which have been lauded for their easy application in domestic settings and rooftops of public and private buildings, the concentrator photovoltaic technology is a relatively small player in the overall solar power generation market.

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Personal Mobility Devices Market – Opportunities to Personal Mobility Devices Manufacturers in North America

The rising geriatric population around the world has emerged as a key driver of the Personal Mobility Devices Market. Transparency Market Research (TMR) projects demand for these devices to steadily increase in Asia Pacific, as the population of aged people increases in India and China. Apart from the geriatric population, caregiving services are also essential for people suffering from disability. A rise in the number of people living with a disability, either temporary or permanent, will fuel demand for personal mobility devices.

All About Cash Transfer

Just about every year, billions of dollars are recorded as remittances worldwide. With all the advent of technologies, you can find a number of methods to send income residence. With a great number of solutions offered, it really is pretty significant to make the appropriate selection to avoid paying an exorbitant charge to transfer dollars. There are actually three fundamental factors to be deemed while transferring money. Understanding each and every of them will support us in sending funds inside the most optimal method. Get far more details about donate

1. Mode of Transfer

Retail E-Commerce Packaging Market Is Expected To Grow At CAGR Of 5% By 2022

Market Scenario

Packaging is the technology enclosing the product for sale, storage or distribution. Latest development in the e-commerce market is cross-border online shopping. On-line shopping market is increasing continuously. It has revolutionized the shopping experience due to its attractive offers and desired product availability. These are the factors which drive the online shopping market, which ultimately fuels the growth of the e-commerce packaging industry.  Additionally, the surge in electronic sector also contributes to the growth of this market. The Retail E-Commerce Packaging Market is expected to grow at CAGR of 5% by 2022.

Market Segmentation

Monorail Systems Market is expected to show a growth at CAGR of about 2.70% from 2016 to 2022

Market Scenario

Monorail Systems are a single rail track service for passengers. The main key drivers for the growth of the Monorail Systems are urbanization and increased demand for cost effective & efficient transportation for public services. Straddle monorail by monorail type is estimated to acquire largest share in the global Monorail Systems market. As straddle monorail system are easy to install without having spent on expensive track-line construction and also provides safety, reliability, and maintainability compared to suspended monorail systems. Furthermore, electric monorail system by propulsion type is estimated to be fastest growing segment in the market of Monorail Systems as they are energy efficient, reliable and environment friendly. The global Monorail Systems Market is expected to show a growth at CAGR of about 2.70% from 2016 to 2022.

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