Rapid Growth Of Graphite Market with Focus on Lithium-ion Batteries & Recarburisers: Global Industry Analysis & Outlook 2017 – 2021

ResearchMoz presents this most up-to-date research on “Rapid Growth Of Graphite Market with Focus on Lithium-ion Batteries & Recarburisers: Global Industry Analysis & Outlook 2017 – 2021”.

Graphite is a soft, crystalline form of elemental carbon. Graphite is a grey to black, opaque mineral with a metallic lustre. It occurs naturally in metamorphic rocks such as marble, schist, gneiss and phyllite. It is usually found as veins, lenses, and pockets and as thin laminae disseminated in metamorphic rocks. Depending on the mode of occurrence and origin, graphite is graded into three forms: flake, crystalline (lumpy) and cryptocrystalline (amorphous). Graphite is used in steel manufacturing, auto part fabrication, lubricants and batteries. Future demand drivers are likely to be green technologies such as lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, construction materials and graphene based industrial products. The key graphite end uses are battery anodes, expandable graphite, composites, refractory and foundry, steel markets, gaskets, seals, brake linings and lubricants.

The key factors driving the growth of graphite market are rapid growth in mining industry, advancements in automotive and electronic, growth in demand for batteries and decrease in lithium-ion battery costs. Some of the noteworthy trends and developments of this industry are improvement in the lithium-ion battery, lithium-ion batteries demand to accelerate with high investments, tesla’s entry into the lithium-ion market, synthetic graphite production rising, flake and vein exploration and rising demand for electric vehicles and other electronic devices. However, the expansion of the market is hindered by safety issues.

The report “Global Graphite Market” provides an in-depth analysis of the graphite market on a global scale discussing its major segments along with the lithium-ion batteries and recarburisers market. The major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the industry are being presented in this report. The industry comprises few large players such as Northern Graphite Corporation, Alabama Graphite Corporation, Mason Graphite Inc. and Focus Graphite Inc. All these companies have been profiled in the present report highlighting their key financials and business strategies for growth.

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Table of Content
1. Graphite Market – An Overview
1.1 An Introduction
1.2 Types of Graphite
1.3 Key Product Markets – Synthetic vs. Natural Graphite
1.4 Key Properties of Graphite
1.5 How is Graphite Mined and Processed?
1.6 Graphite End Uses

2. Global Market Analysis

2.1 Global Graphite Market Forecast by Value
2.2 Graphite Price
2.3 Global Graphite Resources by Country
2.4 Global Graphite Market by End Use
2.5 Global Graphite Market by Types
2.6 Synthetic Graphite Market Share by Application
2.7 Synthetic Graphite Market Share by End Use
2.8 Natural Graphite Demand Forecast by Volume
2.9 Natural Graphite by Types
2.10 Natural Graphite Demand Share by End Use
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