TopTech Offers Tempcore Certified TMT 20% less Bars Online at Prices

TopTech is a pioneer company offering Tempcore certified TMT bars online at 20% lesser price in Bengal and Kolkata. It is a leader in Tempcore manufacturers and processes.

TMT Bars at TopTech at a Low Price  

TopTech is a reputable and leading TMT bar manufacturer in Kolkata. Bars in this company are available at a competitive price in West Bengal and Kolkata. Presently, construction industry, in this state and other parts of Bengal, has become aware of the importance of TMT bars.

Specialty of this company is it provides highly advanced, earthquake resistant, ultra sound TMT bars at the best possible price. TopTech stands out of its competitors and trying to carve its own niche in Indian market.

Bars of TopTech have the following features –

  • Are of international quality and comply with the latest standards of BIS or Bureau of Indian Standard.
  • Top quality bars at an affordable price ensuring at least 20% saving as compared to any other TMT brands across the country.
  • Perfect thickness, uniform elongation, shape and consistent strength are TopTech hallmarks of TMT bars.
  • TopTech offers Tempcore certified products having earthquake resistant steel in its structure at an amazingly low price.

Now, customers at TopTech will get such technologically advanced TMT bars at 20% less price and that too through online orders!!! GREAT!!!

With the strength of a team of dedicated sales of engineers and effective distribution network system, the company ensures all kinds of support to its clients. This ‘New Age Steel Enterprise’ uses all sorts of advanced technologies to cater a better and safer future to its clients. The company provides the best standard one can expect.

About TopTech

It is a steel enterprise of the modern era based in Kolkata that provides top grade raw materials for manufacturing and construction. Its mission is to achieve technological advancement and build a strong nation through manufacture of TMT steel bars of international standard. It used Tempcore process in manufacturing its TMT bars and offers it at an affordable rate to the customers. The products of this company boast of sustainability, durability and tolerance.

To gather more information about this company, visit their website at

Contact Details

Tech Nirman Ispat Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 46, B.B. Ganguly Street

Kolkata – 700012

Phone: (033) 4003 5050 / 2236 6666/9999



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