Prayer Together : An Initiative That Lets You Submit Prayers Online

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017: Prayer Together is an initiative that lets you request to submit prayer online and to provide you with a chance of doing your bit to serve humanity. Praying together will not just build your nearness with the holy Lord but will make you a better human. Understanding the realistic world, you can now enjoy the ease of sitting in your chair and still contributing to humanity by sending your selfless prayers online to the ones who need it. Prayer Together gets these prayers hand delivered to the holy places. Each prayer can add to form a pool of thousands and bring about a huge change in the condition of our society. Prayer Together, with their undying spirit and continuous efforts, hope to make the world a better place to live.


They have a lot of faith in ‘Selfless Prayers’ and they believe that it is the only gateway to a better world where there is no suffering. Also it’s the only medium to create connection with the Divine. They will help you realize the power of prayer and bridge the gap between your heart and the holy land so that each individual prays to heal the world and make it a happier place to live. This Christian prayer group swears by the motto that, God listens to, answers and moves in response to selfless and pure prayers. And answers are not the only rewards, they will make you a better person. You can pray for a lot of reasons like healing, curing, granting wisdom, opening eyes, changing hearts, awakening, conquering death and its fear, overcoming enemies and everything else that makes the world a place for peaceful coexistence.

At this Free Christian prayer center online, you can now realize the power of prayer and feel the closeness to the holy spirit as you become a part of their initiative and send your prayers to the holy land. Since prayer is the only connection that can create the human bond and make it stronger, you can now send prayers to anyone who needs it and serve humanity. Send your prayer to the Sepulcher Church on Sunday, sail a prayer on the holy River of Jordan on Monday, plant a tree in the Holy Land on Tuesday, illuminate the Holy Land photo on Wednesday, pay a visit to the Holy Land on Thursday, get your own holy letter on Friday and send your notes to the Western Wall on Saturday. With Prayer Together, it is possible to feel the strength of prayer and its powerful answers staying where you are as they hand deliver your prayers to all these holy places. Feel the immense power that selfless prayers possess by devoting each day in the name of Christ. Fill your soul with peace and optimism as you pray for the world and contribute to the advancement of mankind. If you want to join their initiative and get your prayers hand delivered to the Holy Land, you can visit their official website or drop them an email.

You can also reach Prayer Together at:

45/11 Zeit Shemen St.

Efrat, 9043500


Or contact them at:

+972 (58) 555-5779

+972 (52) 689-8703

By Email:

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