Lien Design – Leading Branding Design Company in San Diego

Lien Design is one of the Leading Branding Design Company in San Diego, California. It is started by Tom H. Lien in 1998. They are experienced in providing Branding and also Re-Branding Solution. With 18+ years of experience in this industry, they have lent their designing works for many companies and also won many awards for their works from many award shows.


Branding is a way of providing an identity, name, logo, color, strategy and Marketing concepts for a company and its products and services. Generally, Branding is necessary for a Startup company to introduce into the market or brand to launch their products and services. This is crucial as the branding is the only way to develop a trust in their potential customers to buy their products. Sometimes Re-Branding of a company is necessary to save the name and also regain the lost trust of the potential customers. Branding Company provides the every Branding required solutions for creating logo’s to marketing plan; they provide all kinds of branding design for their clients.

Lien Design – Branding Design Company 

Lien Design is one of the renowned Graphic Designing and Branding Company in San Diego, California. Started in 1998 by Tom H. Lien, they have many years of experience and extensive knowledge to provide the best Branding solutions to their clients. A good and simple yet enduring logo provides the most reliable effect on a company. In Lien design, they provide premium Logo design service, which will be effective for the company to increase their name and values to their products and service and also helps in gaining trust from their targeted customers.

They have a team of expert designers, who are capable of providing most strategic and successful branding solution for their clients, which can be very useful in their product’s marketing and advertising. They have worked for the fortune of more than 500 companies ranging from small scale to high branded companies. And, they have served their designing service to different kinds of industries like Food, beverage, Health, Restaurants, Hotel, spa, Biotech and much more. They also provide Re-Branding service their clients.

Lien Design specializes in Packaging Design, logo design, Brochure design, label design, print design, marketing and much more.

About Lien Design

Lien design is a leading Graphic designing company in San Diego, California. They have more than 18 years of experience in providing Branding and Re- Branding solutions. Their Premium logo designing services provide for many companies to create an astonishing Logo design as per client’s desire and needs. To know more about Lien Design, visit


510 Upas St, #5
San Diego, CA 92101

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