Features that have made Sales Quoting Software so Popular

Quoting is an important part of sales process. Creating fast and accurate quotes is critical to the success of any company. Automating the quoting process through software tools has shown to have the added advantage of increased productivity. Sales quoting software provides a simple and efficient way to manage quotes. It helps to save time and effort and ensures consistency in quotations and proposals.

Following are some of the important features that quoting tools support: 

Generate Multiple Versions of the Same Quote

After you create a quote for a specific customer, there is a high probability that his quoting requirements may change slightly. For instance, he may want to add few more items to the quote. In such a case, you can create another version of the same quote.  So depending upon the changing quoting requirements, you can create different versions of the same quote. With this feature, you can keep a record of every version of the quote created. So you can know how many versions of the same quote have been generated.

Send Quotes in HTML/PDF Format

If you want to create a good impression on the customer, you need to send the quote in a visually appealing format. Most Quoting system software tools allow you to send quotes in attractive HTML/PDF format. When you present the quote in a professional manner, it can leave an indelible mark on the minds of the customer and increase your chances of bagging the deal. 

Simple yet Sophisticated User Interface

Thanks to its interface, some of the most complex configurations and quotes can be created easily and quickly in minutes. The tool comes with a simple point and click interface, hence operating it is even easier. So converting quotes to sales order and purchase order can be done in a single click.

These quoting tools are also sometimes called Web quoting solutions as they are available on Cloud. So an internet connection and access to desktop, laptop and even mobile device allows you to operate the software.

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