Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited Offers the Best First Flush Darjeeling Tea in 2017

Tea lovers looking for the best first flush Darjeeling tea in 2017 can look forward to Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited, one of the most established sellers of Darjeeling tea online. The company is offering a range of Darjeeling first flush teas that boasts of a great taste and aroma. Tea lovers can order the following first flush Darjeeling tea:

  • Darjeeling Special First Flush Puttabong Black Tea
  • First Flush Puttabong Organic Black Tea
  • Darjeeling Special First Flush Turzum Organic Black Tea
  • Special First Flush Green Tea

“The first flush starts from early February and continues throughout April. Tea from this flush is the most expensive one and commands a very high price. Since they are less oxidized they are more greenish in colour. Our aim is to provide the better of the first flushes of Darjeeling tea to our customers,” opined the company’s spokesperson.

He further added, “Tea derived from Darjeeling first flush is widely loved by tea lovers not only in India, but across the globe. However, the problem is that they don’t find them at competitive rates in the market. At Jay Shree Tea, we not only ensure the quality of our products, but also make sure that the prices are kept reasonable so that everyone can afford the finest blends of tea. We take quality very seriously and every effort is made to ensure that customers get to enjoy the very best of Darjeeling tea.”

One can also order a variety of other Darjeeling teas and even Assam tea from here.

About Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited

Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited was incorporated on 27th October 1945. It is a part of the B K Birla Group, an inspiration for Indian entrepreneurs across generations. Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd is the third-largest tea producer in the world with 22 tea estates across India. It also owns tea estates in East Africa.

Certified tea tasters and tea estate managers ensure that customers get a true feeling of the tea they are ordering. It has won several awards and certificates in its six-decade journey. For more information, visit https://www.jayshreetea.com/buy-darjeeling-tea.

For more information, contact:

Jay Shree Tea and Industries Ltd

Industry House, (15th Floor)

10, Camac Street, Kolkata-700 017.

Phone: +91-33- 22827531-34

Fax: +91-33- 22827535

E-mail: info@jayshreetea.com

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