Global Defoaming Coating Additives Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 By P&S Market Research

The global defoaming coating additives market has been witnessing significant growth on account of increasing population, urbanization, and industrialization. Additionally, the stringent regulatory and sustainability mandates for environmental safety play an important role in the growth of the global defoaming coating additives market. The growing demand for clean formulations for decorative and coating requirements is also supporting the growth of the global defoaming coating additives market. The demand for defoaming coating additives is expected to increase owing to rise in demand for architectural coatings and growing focus on low-VOC content in the formulation. The demand is expected to grow further with improving economic conditions.

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The global defoaming coating additives market has been segmented by type, application and region. Based on type, the market has been segmented into mineral oil-based defoamer, silicone-based defoamer, polymer-based defoamer, water-based defoamer, and vegetable oil-based defoamer. The water-based defoamer segment is likely to be the fastest growing segment in the global market, as these defoamers are very cost-effective with significant share of water in the final product; however, the final composition differs according to end-user requirement.
Based on application, the market has been segmented into architectural, industrial, wood and furniture, and automotive. The key factors driving the demand for defoaming coating additives include growing automotive, industrial and architectural segments. These segments have extensive application of coating additives on account of their efficiency in improving the performance of coatings. The architectural application segment is growing due to change in preferences and upgradation in the living standards of consumers for commercial spaces and attractive homes, which leads to the increasing demand for defoaming coating additives.
Geographically, the global defoaming coating additives market has been segmented into Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Rest of the World. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market for defoaming coating additives, followed by North America and Europe. High economic growth of the emerging economies and increasing disposable income in the region makes Asia-Pacific an attractive market for defoaming coating additives manufacturers. Additionally, growing vehicle production and industrial production support further growth of the defoaming coating additives market in the region.
However, stringent environmental regulations and high loading levels of defoaming agents in industrial processes are some of the factors restricting the growth of the global market.
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