Get Benefits from a Power-Packed Payroll Software Singapore by SBS Consulting Pte Ltd

Our web-based payroll software Singapore is easy to adapt to as it presents the user with streamlined user interfaces. After paying the fees, all you need is an internet browser and internet connection to use it,” said SBS Consulting Pte Ltd.

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is the maker of the web-based payroll software Singapore. This Singapore-based software development company believes in using advanced technologies and innovation in the making of its business software packages. Besides the payroll software, it has, CRM System, Doctor & Clinic Management System, Schools & Tuitions Management System.

Payroll Software singapore

For any business irrespective of its size, payment processing is a complex task. It is made further difficult by the changes in the payroll related rules and regulations that are effected by the authorities whenever the need arises. That is the reason why companies are adopting web-based payroll software Singapore in an effort to automate the process.

Our Singapore payroll software makes the payroll simple for our clients. We update it whenever the authorities issue any relevant changes in the rules. The users of the software do not need to be actively aware of the changes. The payroll system Singapore takes care of that aspect of the processing.

The online payroll software factors in the numerous payroll elements while calculating the salaries of the employees of the business. It considers statutory contributions and donations like CPF, CDAC, SINDA, ECF, MBMF, employee benefits, incentives, performance bonus, employee grades, paid leaves, holidays, taxes, loans, etc., during the task,” informed Ms. Meena, the Business Head of SBS Consulting Pte Ltd.

SBS Consulting’s online payroll system Singapore ensures tasks’ accuracy and assists the business owners in dealing with a critical statutory responsibility. It also helps them in taking care of the business’ liability at the affordable costs. According to the Employment Act of Singapore, the employers must pay their employees within the seven days of the end of the payment cycle.

The clients are free to use devices like desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones to access our web-based payroll system and process the payroll for their business from anywhere and at any time over the internet. They can access and use the software On-the-Go while commuting to the office or a conference in their hometown or somewhere else. It is a feature and module-rich software,” quoted Ms. Meena.

  • Features & Modules of Singapore Payroll Software
  • Employee Management
  • Master Setup Management
  • Company Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Leaves Management
  • Attendance & Timesheet Management
  • Claims Management
  • Progression Planning
  • Enquiry Management
  • Email and SMS Management
  • Real-time Reports and Dashboards
  • Schedule Management
  • Tracking
  • Bio-metric (Finger Scan) Attendance support
  • Billing & Invoice Management
  • Itemized Pay slip
  • Multiple Company Setups & Document Upload
  • Connectivity with Accounting Software like MYOB, QuickBooks, etc
  • Experienced 24X7 customer service

The web-based payroll software Singapore makes it easy for our clients to remain fully in control of the task and the distribution of accurate payroll. It also takes less money, time and human resources to complete the work than a manually executed payroll. These things matter when it comes to the smooth working of the business. It especially helps small businesses where everyone, including the employer, has to multitask in order to promote their products and services.

Using an online Singapore payroll software is simple and needs no special hardware or software. It is not necessary for the clients to struggle with the software patches or updates delivered through CDs or Diskettes. The software remains loaded on the web servers, and it is where it is updated. There is also no need for an in-house hardware setup or the need to hire IT experts to maintain it.

Payroll software Singapore is reliable and accurate. Implementing it is an easy option for ensuring your statutory compliance and hassle-free discharge of liability towards your employees. It is a significant step in ensuring streamlined payroll and employee satisfaction,” concluded Ms. Meena.

About SBS Consulting Pte Ltd:

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is a Singaporean software development company. Its mission is to provide affordable and innovative business software solutions like payroll software Singapore to the small businesses. Besides, it has software packages like School & Tuition Management System, Doctor & Clinic Management System, and CRM System to take care of the needs of its clients.

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