Khsites Co. Ltd. Celebrates Anniversary and Launches New Website

Khsites Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce the company is celebrating an anniversary and has launched a new website. The IT company is a premier business in Iraq that provides a large selection of software and systems for various industries like financial, accounting, industrial and trading.

The company is proud to celebrate an important milestone with its business anniversary by offering a new website. The site is designed to reach a larger audience to introduce clients to the company’s superior services. Clients can choose accounting, HR, ERP, educational and distribution software.

Software is specialized to fit the unique needs of companies, retailers and offices by providing automation management. The goal is to give clients the right solutions, using their more than 10 years of experience in the field.

The IT company is a distributor of Alameen Accounting Software. The advanced software is tailored for automation, management and accounting for companies of all sizes. Users are in complete control of accounting and managing stock. Alameen can also provide instant reports about credits and debits.

Alkhabeer School Management Software is an efficient way for educators to manage a large number of students, teachers and other staff. A multitude of data can be tracked, such as attendance, scores and grades, status, qualifications and more.

Highly-trained professionals are available to consult, offer advice or lend a helping hand.

For more information about the company and their services, visit the website at Khsites Co. Ltd. or call 07901368724.

About Khsites Co. Ltd.: Khsites Co. Ltd. is a premier Iraqi IT company that provides financial, commercial and industrial accounting software and solutions to companies of all sizes. Talented and knowledgeable professionals help clients find the most appropriate solutions for their companies to enjoy thriving businesses. Khsites strives to help businesses simplify their practices to become more efficient and effective for the best possible outcomes.

Company: Khsites Co. Ltd.
Country: Iraq
Telephone number: 07901368724


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