Pickering’s Auto Ensures Honest Value for Service

Pickering’s Auto Service is an auto repair center that provides quality auto repair services in Colorado. Its experienced and skilled team specializes in fixing and maintaining different types of land vehicles for more than four decades.

[Arvada, 4/11/2017] – Pickering’s Auto Service is a Colorado automotive repair shop that specializes in repairing and maintaining cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids. Its services include oil changes, complete diagnostics, engine tune-ups, and tire repairs. Its solutions uphold the industry’s high standards of service and value for money.

Vehicle Inspections

Pickering’s Auto Services provides free inspections the first time vehicles are brought in and every 6 months after that. It has over 40 digital inspection models that identify potential problems early. It also helps car buyers identify any mechanical or structural defects in used cars before purchasing them.

Moreover, the company is a Certified Air Care Colorado Emissions repair facility for cars that failed state required emission testings.

Fluid Services

Pickering’s Auto Service provides professional oil and filter change services at its sites in Arvada, Lakewood, and Westminster. The services are quick and hassle-free. Its team of highly skilled technicians also educate customers about the importance of oil and filter changes to increase gas mileage.

Electrical Services

The team at Pickering’s recommends periodic electrical diagnosis to extend the life of a vehicle’s electrical system. The ASE certified technicians conduct tests on car batteries, alternators, starter, headlights, wipers, gauges, locks, and electronic components. They can identify potential problems and fix them early.

Brake Inspections and Repair

The technicians also offer brake checks at least once a year. They replace worn brake pads and rotors, and fix fluid leaks and hydraulics components.

Steering and Suspension Service

Pickering’s Auto Service ensures that its customers’ vehicles are safe and dependable by providing regular steering and suspension alignment checks. These include identifying and replacing missing suspension parts, worn or damaged springs and shocks, and aligning wheels, axles, tie rods, and gears.

Financing Options

Pickering’s Auto Service offers financing options on its sites using the NAPA EasyPay Credit Card. It ensures 6 months and 12 months no interest financing and Peace of Mind Warranty for 24 months.

About Pickering’s Auto Service

Pickering’s Auto Service is a family-owned business that has provided auto repair services since 1976. It balances quality work with superior service and aims to build long lasting relationships.

For more information, visit http://www.pickeringsauto.com/

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