FireRock Marketing Provides In-Depth Audit for Precise Action Plans

FireRock Marketing performs marketplace analysis and research for rising businesses to determine the most efficient marketing plan that will work for their needs. The company helps small businesses navigate the complex marketing world.

[Quincy, 4/12/2017] – FireRock Marketing, home of the most capable marketers today, integrates comprehensive audits to their approach to come up with a precise and individualized action plan for every client. They also conduct marketplace analysis and competitive research to determine the marketing plan that will work best for the brand.

Marketing Strategies that Work

Many marketers make the mistake of merely formulating plans based on previous marketing projects. The truth is, the cookie cutter approach rarely works in marketing. To launch a successful campaign, the marketer has to know the nature of the business as well as its specific problems, to determine where and how to improve.

As one of the most reputable marketers today, the company knows that comprehensive research is the silver bullet that can facilitate growth and deliver high ROI. This is why they have made marketplace analysis and competitive research integral parts of their approach.

Their first step to helping clients improve is running a full review of the website, zeroing in on the areas for improvement, and devising a unique strategy that addresses the specific problems of the site. They even provide clients with top-of-the-line tools, to make the most out of their advertising.

Marketing Packages for Your Budget

The company offers various marketing strategies to match any budget. Interesting parties may choose from the Marketing Jumpstart, marketing Catalyst, and Marketing Department packages. Depending on the package that they want, customers get absolute numbers of blog and social media posts every month as well as a keyword content plan, directory profile and listing, online reviews and ratings, metrics reporting market training program, and more.

Clients may request a free online review scan and local SEO directory scan on their website.

About FireRock Marketing

FireRock Marketing started as a small marketing consultancy and business sales company in Boston in 2010. The owners formed the company with the goal of helping small enterprises navigate the rapidly changing marketing industry. To date, it is still helping businesses, both startups and established alike, achieve business goals through stellar marketing strategies.

For more information about the company and their services, visit their website at

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