Improve Your Business Outlook by Taking an MBO Program from Entrepreneur Simplified

Entrepreneur Simplified is an educational consultant that provides practical business education to entrepreneurs. Their MBO Program offers unique online and on-campus training.

[Provo, 4/12/2017] – Entrepreneur Simplified provides business education to motivate entrepreneurs to grow their business and improve their potential. The company’s unique combination of MBO programs and business retreats serve to give entrepreneurs a practical direction to make their business succeed.

An MBO Program Designed Exclusively for the Entrepreneur

As opposed to traditional MBA programs that help individuals move up the corporate ladder, Entrepreneur Simplified takes the broader needs of small businesses into consideration. They designed their MBO program exclusively for the entrepreneur with a focus on core business training. By organizing information into relevant, bite-sized chunks, they help entrepreneurs earn a degree that they can put to good use.

A Combination of Online and On-Campus Training

The MBO Program at Entrepreneur Simplified fits right into the busy life of an entrepreneur. A unique combination of online and on-campus training, the program helps entrepreneurs through every stage of their business. Enrollees have the freedom to visit the campus to attend a three-day intensive training and connect with members and mentors.

An Admissions Process that Helps Entrepreneurs Focus on the Right Program

Entrepreneur Simplified give their customers the chance to go through a three-day test period to give them a chance before they dive right into a full, two-year MBO program. The company offers free business workroom events as well as two to three-day business retreats. Once customers have made the decision, they can consult admissions counselors to determine the best curriculum at their stage of business.

About Entrepreneur Simplified

Entrepreneur Simplified is committed to helping business owners steer their ventures in the right direction to help them achieve their business objectives through business retreats and entrepreneurs programs. The programs they offer instill entrepreneurs with success strategies to get their businesses to work. Furthermore, they focus on studying success instead of theory.

Kim Flynn, the founder of Entrepreneur Simplified, describes it as a company “built for entrepreneurs by successful entrepreneurs.”

To learn more about Entrepreneur Simplified and their services, visit their website at

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