Smart Kids Development Center Teaches Age-Appropriate Education to Children

Smart Kids Development Center, a Utah-based preschool and day care center, provides age-appropriate education for kids. Its learning programs improve and motivate the learning process.

[Salt Lake City, 04/12/2017] – Smart Kids Development Center, a preschool and day care center in Utah, provides age-appropriate education for children. The center fosters a love for learning and gaining new experiences in kids. Furthermore, it believes that doing so is the first step to a child’s success.

Education Services Offered
The center offers high-quality childcare and education for kids from the aged 2 weeks to 12 years. The staff gets the children below two years of age to move and exercise along with songs. Additionally, they do art time with the babies and read books to them. The toddlers get to play outside at the center’s specially designed infant playground.

For children over two years of age, the staff conducts preschool from 9 am to 12 pm daily, beginning with the 2-year-old class. In the afternoons, bilingual teachers teach Spanish and sign language. Furthermore, the staff arranges a magic or puppet show each month along with other fun activities like field trips and parties.

Qualified Educators Providing Quality Education
Smart Kids Development Center takes pride in the fact that its educators have all finished their study in Early Childhood Education. These educators are qualified to teach kids using varying combinations of kinesthetic, auditory, and visual instruction. Moreover, they can facilitate the growth of children as they learn and experience things, from playing outdoors to decorating the room come Christmas time.

Enrolling in Smart Kids Development Center
Parents who want to enroll their child can get in touch with one of the Program Directors. Their contact details can be found on the Contact Us page of the website. There is also a question/inquiry form on the same page that parents can fill out if they have other concerns.

About Smart Kids Development Center
Katia Lopez, a native of Peru, founded Smart Kids Development Center. The center’s branches provide children with the appropriate education in a clean and safe environment.

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