Retain your B2B Customers with a PunchOut Catalog


If you want to keep your B2B customers happy, what better way that offering a PunchOut, a protocol that makes it easier to buy items through procurement system. It allows you to personalize the shopping experience of customers. Every vendor provides his own features to make it easier for customers to shop through PunchOut catalog.

For instance, quite a few PunchOut vendors offer the ‘Add to Favorites’ feature that allows a customer to create a collection of products that he frequently buys. ‘Bulk Order Pad’ another feature allows users to quickly add large number of products in the cart. There are many other functionalities within this protocol that help to provide a more user-friendly buying experience for the shoppers.

Buying through PunchOut catalog solution is fast and convenient as the protocol directly connects the buyer’s procurement system with the supplier’s site. Also, all products that are accessed through this protocol are all under contract. This means the customer will never buy products that violate purchasing policies. The contract catalog is tailored as per the customer requirements.

In order to prevent shopping cart abandonment and improve conversion rate, it is important to have a simple checkout process. With this protocol, your customers can checkout with ease, just a single click takes them back to their procurement. Moreover, customers can access the vendor’s site from their system with a single click. All this helps in accelerating their procurement process. Moreover, the connection is such that the customer is also able to view detailed product information along with pricing and availability information in real time.

On the whole, whether your B2B customers are using Ariba or JD Edwards procurement system, a PunchOut solution can certainly help to ease the purchasing process. JD Edwards PunchOut can certainly help to improve customer engagement and loyalty, which in turn can drive business growth.

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