Dance Network Reveals Touching Stories from Star Dance Alliance in New Documentary

Dance Network, a subscription-based video streaming service, partners with Star Dance Alliance as they release Dance Family – a documentary on the journey and history of Star Dance Alliance’s dancers.

[Nashville, 4/17/2017] – Dance Network, a subscription-based streaming video service, shares inspiring from Star Dance Alliance in a new documentary. Dance Family follows Star Dance Alliance founders Gary Pate and Grace Wakefield as they recount the humbling history of their organization. The documentary also includes sharing stories from members of the said dance community.

Apart from bringing a brand new channel featuring the top dancing alliance, Dance Network also strives to show aspiring dances a behind-the-scenes look in the industry with the documentary. Available for pre-order, interested dancers can watch the preview on their site.

Tales Behind the Dance: Dance Family

Dance Family is the first of three documentaries that “shine the spotlight” on the organization’s journey towards success.

“We started with 11 cities; now, we’re at 250 cities worldwide, 15 countries and over half a million of performers every year,” opens Gary Pate in the short preview. He tells viewers about the importance of dance in every child’s life, “You can never lose sight every time a kid walks out on stage – whether it’s their first time or their hundredth time – it’s the most important moment for them.”

The documentary delves into the different stories of the members of Star Dance Alliance, which includes touching tales of struggles and success. It also shows viewers the daily lives of the dancers and interviews from members.

As a bonus for pre-ordering, customers will also receive a free month subscription to the Dance Network. They can watch all their favorite dance programs and gain access to behind-the-scenes content from the Star Dance Alliance, a premium channel on the Dance Network.

About Dance Network

Dance Network is a subscription-based video-streaming service devoted to dance programming. Passionate dancers and interested individuals can find all resources related to the craft on the network’s website. They user the universal language of movement to “take audiences of new and unexpected journeys.”

As one of the world’s first online dance communities, Dance Network also strives to create closer bonds between dancers through interactive and relevant content. Through their programs and documentaries, dancers can appreciate and learn the art more.

For more information, visit their website at

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