The Innovative Uses of Orbit Double Stroller

If you have purchased any Orbit Baby stroller in the past, you might have heard of the Orbit double stroller as well. The Orbit Baby manufacturing company has finally created an innovative, complete solution for a double stroller. The product is great for contemporary families with two kids (twins or siblings).

For parents looking for back and front rotating seats, this double stroller is perfect for the two kids’ needs. For this purpose, the child can interact with his/her sibling face to face and at the same time, create a bond with their parent. Below are the highlights of the aforementioned product.

Features of the Orbit best double stroller

  • The wheels have patentedQuadShock six-wheel suspension in the stroller which provides a plush ride. There is no need for pump tires.
  • The aluminium frame in the double stroller is customized to an aerospace grade, black finish. This is what makes it lightweight and durable.
  • TwoSmartHub rings allow parents to use combinations of seats from Orbit Baby – toddler car seat, infant car seat, bassinet and stroller seat.
  • As mentioned above, the rotating front and back seats are designed for children to interact with each other face to face.
  • The double seats have the ability to swivel so that your children can easily get in and out of the seats.
  • The best double stroller can convert into a single stroller with just a few clicks.
  • A six-wheel narrow maneuverable frame has the ability to navigate on aisles and narrow doors.
  • 3D Folda feature shown when the stroller is folded compactly. Its purpose is to fit in variety of trunk spaces. The storage consists of dual cup holders, tablet pocket called ShadePad, large under basket and a slot for smartphone.
  • Has a three-position telescoping handlebar.

Disadvantages of the Stroller

Bear in mind that every best  strollers 2017 has its own defects. The Orbit double stroller may not be a great stroller for your kids; hence here are a few shortcomings that you need to expect from the product.

  • The double stroller is expensive because of its large, sturdy built and durable material.

An Amazon buyer shared her opinion about difficulty maneuvering the stroller if a female parent has a small physique. The total weight of the stroller will depend on the seats.

“Women of smaller build may have a hard time as this stroller and accessories are heavy.”

  • The second seat for the toddler has no cover or shade to protect the child from elements. Rosalie Khan from Amazon complained about it:

“If you have a second toddler seat you cannot have the cover on! How can I use this best  strollers 2017 in sun, rain or winter?”

At the end

The Orbit best double stroller is great to use for families with two children. Purchasing it will be a solid investment for families because of its ability to change style from double to single stroller (eg. taking just your little one out for the day). It is not only safe to use for your kids, it keeps your family healthy because the fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified (eco-friendly).

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