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Monday, April 17th, 2017: Leankor, salesforce project chiefs of the new age, areall ready to provide the salesforce marketplace with project management Apps and tools, the firmest tool to achieve brilliance in the field of project and resource management. Expert at salesforce resource management, It will support you to manage your project delivery with real time visibility. Develop your work efficiency and make quicker decisions. With Visual Project Management App, make the highest profits by observing your workflow closely, powering your processes and shaping projects. Now, visually work in Agile or Waterfall module and complete resources, portfolios, time tables, finances and overcome risks with its tools.


Based in Canada, Leankor has the right solutions for project management for almost every business-type. With Visual Project Management App, you can get huge returns on investment by keeping an eye on your workflow, automating your processes and organizing projects. It is impossible to miss a target when the conveyance of components is controlled through the use of an instruction card sent along the production line. Operating projects with board templates was never so stress-free. It provides excellent performance when it comes to delivering returns through actual task management in salesforce. The Leankor App is great for promotions, operations and IT teams to manage complex campaigns all in one platform, for customer on-boarding and dealing with cases and employees between team. This App also delivers good results for major initiatives and boosts return on investment and cash inflow. Leankor also displays a new user interface that makes it easier for teams to adopt and implement. It is 100% native on Salesforce1, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud mobile- all that you’ll need for brilliance!

This App allows you to work in Agile or Waterfall mode and you will now be able to manage resources, portfolios, time tables, finances and risks all under one roof. It is one among the best salesforce project management software available in the market providing tools for project management. Enhance your work efficiency and make faster decisions with Leankor. You can visit their website and contact them personally for more assistance-

TOLL-FREE (North America):

1-855- 600-5077

Phone: 403-351- 2649

And reach them at-

400-119 14th Street NW,

Calgary, Alberta, Canada,T2N 1Z6

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