TopTech 500D Earthquake Resistant TMT Bars is amongst the Most Affordable Products

TopTech offers 500D earthquake proof TMT bars at an affordable price to help people have a safe and strong structure, especially at times of seismic activity.

500D TMT Steel Bars from TopTech are the Best   

India is amongst the countries which come under Seismic Zones. Keeping this mind, TopTech has given special attention in providing earthquake resistant construction materials. Its 500D TMT steel bars are specially built for seismic prone areas. Using these bars in construction enables buildings and houses withstand the adverse effects of earthquake.

TopTech manufactures TMT bars adhering to international quality to guarantee .consistency and high-end performance.

Features of TMT Bars Available from TopTech  

This company offers the top grade steel bars for constructional works. They have some salient features like –

  1. They are sturdy having consistency in strength
  2. Have high ductility
  3. The bars undergo controlled thermo mechanical treatment which results in martensitic rim
  4. This rim offers enhanced corrosion resistance
  5. TMT bars of this company has a unique combination of stress, ductility and strength which provides high seismic resistance

What makes TMT Bars of TopTech stand out?

Modernized manufacturing system of TMT bars adopted in TopTech makes these bars surpass minimum limit of ductility and strength. Also, their yield strength exceeds standard specifications and norms. Moreover, seismic property of these bars is pretty high, which significantly enhances their capability of handling the pressure of earthquakes.

The company conducts tests on concrete beam columns with large deformations and repeated loading quite similar to a real earthquake scenario to ensure that the bars offer complete resistance to seismic activities. Thus, using the TMT bars of TopTech builders can minimize structural damages and thereby, human hazards.

Most importantly, TMT bars of TopTech with so many qualities are available at the most affordable rate. Customers do not have to empty their account for buying these bars of this company.

About TopTech

Tech Nirman or TopTech, as it is popularly known, is a new age company which believes in creating a better and strong nation with its advanced technology in TMT bars. Expanding gradually and successfully, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of TMT steel bars.




Phone: (033) 4003 5050
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SMS: TOPT to 56263


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