High Quality Fridge Magnet Printing Service from Abacus Printing

Abacus Printing, a printing service company in Melbourne, provides fridge magnet printing services. There are three types of fridge magnet printing.

[Tullamarine, 18/4/2017] – Abacus Printing, a Melbourne-based provider of professional label printing services, offers top-notch fridge magnet printing services. Fridge magnets come in three categories: Standard, Speciality and Magnet Finishes.

Advertising in a Magnet

Rubber fridge magnets are excellent marketing tools for businesses who want to be remembered. Magnets are pocket-sized and may be distributed easily by snail mail and are durable enough to achieve promotional longevity for a bite-sized advertisement. Abacus Printing prints the message and business details, then laminates over the magnet with a clear protective film, which protects the magnet.

The company is an industry leader in producing high quality business marketing fridge magnets. Campaign officers approach Abacus Printing for promotional magnets services as well. The goal of a fridge magnet is to showcase the essential information of a business while creating an eye-catching design that will complement any refrigerator surface.

Kinds of Fridge Magnet Printing

Fridge magnet printing from Abacus Printing come in three types: Standard Magnets, Specialty Magnets and Magnet Finishes.

Standard Magnets are the go-to sizes for magnet printing, often in small sizes. Specialty Magnets have calendar features, dual-purpose designs usually for reference tools and notepad attachments for customer engagement. Magnet Finishes are more daring and adventurous, incorporating foiled, domed and patch designs for brands who want to grab the attention of their target audience.

Creating innovative designs and concepts for magnets help ensure their usefulness. The longer a fridge magnet stays on the fridge, the more exposure a business gets.

About Abacus Printing

Abacus Printing is a print specialist company that provides complete printing services including customised labels, signage, promotional items, fridge magnets and all general printing needs. From concept to completion, the team at Abacus Printing works in partnership with their clients to deliver the best results. Their accessible warehouse, flexible approach and range of printing capabilities promise customer satisfaction.

For more information about Abacus Printing and other inquiries about their products, visit their website at https://www.abacusprint.com.au

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