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18th April, 2017 – Hounslow, Middlesex, London: The internet is a place where you find abundant of data on all topics but it’s a tedious job to collect data and organize it for our custom needs. For example if you are in stock market business and if you to want monitor oil prices from most of the top financial websites then the situation is a complex one since many sites don’t provide access to its data in a structured way.

The Hub’s Page monitoring service is a web scraping services which is simply put “turning any website’s data into a structured API (application program interface)”.  The API is used to share information between two interfaces which is in our case retrieving information from a website which was blocked access via intelligent spiders to our dashboard. The page monitoring service allows you create a customized dashboard based on the content received, giving you a clear perspective on the topic aiding to take decisions. Page monitoring service reduces the manual work on finding newly added contents and organizes them.

Hub’s Page monitoring service is able to create alerts in both email and desktop whenever new content is added to the particular website scrapped. The alerts can either be scheduled or in real-time based on your needs. Data extraction services extends its possibilities in tracking the websites URL’s for extracting data and also discovers newly added URL’s in the website.

Investor Juned Jable says “From developers to Non-technical users can use our Page monitoring service to collect information from multiple websites and store them securely in hard disk , cloud or even as data source for mobile apps”.  Now anyone can build a large database of information of high interest topics including healthcare, legal, finance etc.. using our service” he added.

About The Hub’s Page Monitoring

The Hub Monitoring is a London based company which helps in building API for any website from the HUB to power alerts, apps, models and visualizations with live data without writing any code. For more information about KYE, visit You can also call them at +44 207 060 5304

Business Name: The HUB

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Street Address: Unit 6, Hounslow Business Park

City: Alice Way, Hounslow

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Pin code: TW3 3UD

Country & Region: United Kingdom & London

Business Phone: +44 2070605304

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