Osmond and Cockayne Associates Provides Cost-Effective Bankruptcy Plans

Osmond and Cockayne Associates handles personal injury and family law cases and veteran’s benefits. The Utah-based law firm handling also works on bankruptcy cases, helping families and individuals with cost-effective plans.

[West Jordan, 4/18/2017] – Osmond and Cockayne Associates wants to help clients get their lives back on track, following a financial failure. The Utah-based law firm handles Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases that help families and individuals recover.

The law firm states: “We focus on possibilities, not obstacles.”

Bankruptcy in America

Bankruptcy filings in the United States declined by 6.9% in the previous year, according to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Of the 819,159 cases filed, 25,227 were from businesses, and 793,932 were from non-businesses.

People file for bankruptcy for a number of reasons, most notably the financial inability to pay off debt. Debt sources could come from credit cards, medical bills, and mortgage.

Bankruptcy Plans from Osmond and Cockayne Associates

As one of the fastest growing law firms that concentrate on this practice area, Osmond and Cockayne Associates offers cost-effective plans that adhere to the United States Bankruptcy Code.

• Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – This is the bankruptcy proceeding that relieves clients of their general unsecured debts, including credit card and medical bills. Individuals who file under this provision in Utah can protect their assets from seizure.
• Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – This is applicable to individuals who can afford to make monthly payments to pay off child support, missed mortgage, and alimony. Chapter 13 saves homes from foreclosure because it pardons missed mortgage payments.

The law firm says, “Our bankruptcy lawyers are standing by, offering services in South Jordan, Sandy, Riverton, and West Valley. With us, you can expect a researched and personalized service that will handle your case with care.”

About Osmond and Cockayne Associates

Patrick Osmond and Chris Cockayne established the law firm in 2012, after their deployment to Iraq in 2003. Osmond and Cockayne Associates focuses on cases of personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and bankruptcy. The law firm works with a team of independent bankruptcy paralegals and employs a full in-house support staff.

To know more or to schedule a free consultation, go to https://www.osmondlaw.com today.

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