Plan and design your kitchen in 3 easy steps


Measure your room accurately allowing the existing fixtures such as doors and windows as well as any specifications for your appliances. You will need: Measuring tape / Pencil / Pen / Calculator.


Start by considering your current layout and what you like and dislike. A functional kitchen often centres on the position of the sink, oven/cooktop and refrigerator. To maximise funtionality, it is ideal to position these in an imaginary triangle with a minimum of 1.2m between each workstation

Choose one of the following layout templates to start your design


The U-Shape design has become a popular choice for kitchen layouts. It is most commonly suited to larger kitchen spaces and is a perfect layout for families who spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. Providing efficiency and functionality, the U-shape design also offers maximum cabinet and benchtop space. The U-Shape kitchen in Pune can be suited to open plan living areas, smaller areas, and long rooms and is a very popular choice. This design enables you to move freely between the various areas within the kitchen and can provide you with great benchtop working space.


with Island The L-Shape with island design has all the qualities of the standard L-shape layout however provides an additional workstation within the kitchen area. An island benchtop in this format is most suited to larger, more spacious kitchens. Additional cabinets and benchtop work space also makes this kitchen family friendly and an entertainer’s paradise.

The L-Shape kitchen in Pune is ideal for small and narrow kitchen areas however can also comfortably accommodate larger kitchens. The I-shape is a simple kitchen design and is often the most inexpensive in relation to other kitchen layouts.


Once you have decided on the basic layout of your kitchen you can begin to plan position your kitchen cabinets by using ours Bella planning tools. For more information on planning and designing including kitchen layout tips and suggestions visit

Galley The Galley style kitchen is a functional design that allow you to reach all areas of the kitchen with minimal walking distance. Providing a great layout for ample cabinets and benchtop space, the Galley style kitchen is a modern and contemporary kitchen design and the choice of many chefs.

Modular Kitchen Systems Our kitchen systems have been designed from our years of experience to suit a wide variety of needs and for different kitchen space.

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