Toptech 500 D Earthquake Resistant TMT Bars Are Within Your Budget!

If you are looking for TMT bars for the construction of your home, you should definitely choose TopTech. TopTech 500 D bars are the best example to prove that the best quality materials neednot be overtly expensive. You can choose high quality bars that can make you house seismic resistant and yet do not burn a hole in your pocket!

The TMT bars are specially made using the Tempcore Process for better durability and strength. The manufacturing process is controlled online with a PLC or programmable logic controller. The bars are used throughout the world, especially in Europe and throughout Asia. The bars are compliant with the international CRM standards of Belgium, which ensures international quality and standards, which you will not find in the bars manufactured by the other brands.

The bars are manufactured with the three step process and thus, all the self tempering, quenching, and cooling make the bars stronger and more resistant to shocks from natural calamities like earthquakes. If you have been wondering whether the manufacturer is licensed and accredited, you need to know that it is a brand that holds more than 80 licenses, which ensures better quality and reasonable prices. The ability to withstand earthquakes comes with their high UTS/YS or Ultimate Tensile Strength/Yield Strength. The bars are manufactured keeping in mind long-lasting tolerance, durability and sustainability to build structures that can withstand the test of time as well as stand strong in the face of natural calamities like earthquakes and floods. For long term investment and for a secure home, every home owner is choosing TopTech today. So, when it comes to buying TMT bars look nowhere else.

About The Company:

TopTech TMT bars are manufactured by Tech Nirman. It is a young company with high promises. IT aims to construct a better India with the latest technology in the TMT steel bars. It is one of the leading brands in India for TMT bars. It has a long list of satisfied customers and has always strived to achieve great success with customer satisfaction. Staying ahead in competitions and meeting the requirements of the customers are what the company primarily aims at.

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Phone: (033) 4003 5050
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SMS: TOPT to 56263

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