RANGE OF KITCHENS – leading brand of Kitchen solutions in Pune

As the leading brand of home solutions in India, it is imperative that we keep our Pune clientele’s unique needs in mind. This includes lifestyles, cuisines, cooking styles eating habits and much more.

Our range of kitchens is designed to cater to Pune sensibilities in a way that is rarely found in the international market.

Combining world-class technology and our country’s distinctive requirements, we offer you a variety of modular kitchens to choose from. Your home could be traditional or modern, chic or ethnic – with Bella Kitchens you will find the perfect complement for your home.

  • Available in marine ply, MDF and particle board
  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Available in all variants of front finishes, laminates, membranes, melamine as well as in painted, acrylic, back-painted glass etc.
  • Also available in fully and semi-modular styles


Like all our home styling solutions, Bella Kitchens also offers world-class quality and premium products. There are a host of facts that explain why Bella Kitchens are the best choice for you.

  • We are the only company that offers you an extensive choice of not just Pune, but also European kitchens. And you can easily explore your options with our widespread reach across the country.
  • We go beyond expectations and provide you with modular components for your kitchen as well as complete kitchen design solutions.
  • Each one of our state-of-the-art modular kitchens comes with a warranty of quality and excellence.
  • Our kitchens are planned keeping your needs in mind. Their ergonomic design offers you the perfect combination of convenience and easy accessibility.
  • All our kitchen components are powered with world-class hardware, and all wooden elements comply with ASTM standards. So you never have to worry about technical quality with us.
  • The Bella Kitchens team comprises experienced designers and expert technicians who make sure that your kitchen has a hassle-free installation from start to finish.

A complete kitchen is defined in 3 activity areas – cooking, storage and washing. At Bella Kitchens, we regard these as the most important elements while designing our kitchens.

And by combining all the components in an efficient and aesthetic way, we offer you unique kitchens that include storage, electro-domestic stations, work tops and accessories. Along with all this, the biggest advantage of purchasing a Bella Kitchens is the trust associated with our brand. With expertise and respect earned over so many years, we, at Bella Kitchens, will always respond to your needs. You are, and will remain, our priority.

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