FasterHouse Provides Stress-Free Solutions for Inheritors Interested in Selling their Homes

FasterHouse, a house-buying company in St. Louis, guides inheritors through the home-selling process. They provide clients with a range of options for a faster and easier selling route.

[St. Charles, 4/24/2017] – FasterHouse, a locally owned and operated real estate investment company, offers their professional assistance to house inheritors in the St. Louis Metro Area. The company works closely with inheritors interested in selling their homes, providing numerous options to help them make an informed decision on the matter.

According to the St. Louis-based house-buying expert, it is easy for estate issues to linger, especially in cases that involve multiple inheritors with an agreement on the inherited house.

“A common mistake is letting the issue drag on due to inaction, which causes overhead costs to skyrocket. Inheritors don’t often think about how the bills can pile up over time to manage utilities, deal with maintenance issues, pay taxes and the like,” says FasterHouse.

Instead of leaving inheritors to worry about complex real estate issues, the company provides their services, helping clients sell their homes quickly and without fuss.

Professional Home Buyers

FasterHouse’s goal is to make the home-buying process easier for clients. The company assures clients that their team of buyers are knowledgeable about the circumstances of surrounding inherited estates and the sensitive nature of inheritance (especially in cases with homes that used to belong to parents).

The company walks clients through the options available to them. The real estate expert also eases burdens by assuring clients they need not clean the house before a consulting with them.

One of their unique selling points, says FasterHouse, is their connections with trusted companies, such as non-profit charities and estate sellers.

“We refer them because we can trust them to treat you (the clients) professionally and make the process easy,” says the real estate company.

About FasterHouse

Founded in 2002, FasterHouse takes pride in being one of the state’s most referred house-buying companies for veteran groups, senior services, and estate attorneys.

The locally owned and operated company has built a reputation for providing solutions to hundreds of homeowners for a range of house-selling problems. Unlike other real estate services, FasterHouse does not consider its service as a sale — it’s a solution. They partner with established lenders and companies to ensure their clients receive top-quality services.

Interested clients can visit their website at to learn more.

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